Case Studies

Wire Partition Panels Used on Store Windows and Doors for Security

Wire Partitions Protect Business & Prevent Theft [Case Study]

Wire Partitions Protect Business & Prevent Theft [Case Study] Wire Partition Systems for Security Fastenal Company has over 2,000 stores ... Read more
WireCrafters Machine Guards Protecting Automated Robotic Welder with Light Curtain

Machine Guard System Protects Workers & Ensures Safety [Case Study]

Machine Guard System Protects Workers & Ensures Safety [Case Study] Project: Penna Flame Robotics - Zelienople, PA Dealer: Conveyer & Caster ... Read more

Pharmacy DEA Drug Storage Cage [Case Study]

WireCrafters DEA Storage Cages offer great solutions for pharmacy and other buildings. Learn more about DEA cages by reading this case study.

RackBack ® Safety Panels [Case Study]

RackBack ® safety panels are your perfect solution to keep falling items from injuring workers in your facility. Learn more about RackBack ®.

TA-50 Military Storage Lockers – Cannon Air Force Base

These TA-50 Military Storage lockers were the perfect solution for this customer. Learn more about TA-50 Military Storage.

Polycarbonate Machine Guarding Case Study

Use Polycarbonate panels for your machine guarding. Learn more about WireCrafters polycarbonate machine guarding options in this case study.

Organize Bikes in Apartment Buildings

This solution from WireCrafters to organize bikes in an apartment building is perfect for you. Take a look at this bike storage solution.

Tenant Storage Lockers & Bike Storage – Case Study

The superintendent of the building had worked with WireCrafters and Giant Industrial Installation Company on previous projects and recommended WireCrafters' Tenant Storage Lockers to the Impala Board President.

GuardRail Case Study | Genco Distribution Co.

See why this company shoe WireCrafters GuardRail for their safety solution in this case study. GuardRail keeps your employees safe.
DEA Cage

DEA Controlled Substances | Safe & Efficient Storage

Storing DEA Controlled Substances is no joking matter. You need the best. WireCrafters offers you the best solution to your DEA storage needs.

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