One Great Way to Organize Bikes in Apartment Buildings

At the apartment building 55 Park Terrace East in New York, NY, there was a serious issue with how to organize bikes & storage.

Project: 55 Park Terrace East - New York, NY

Dealer: Giant Industrial Installations - College Point, NY


There was no bicycle storage system in place for the condo building's tenants to store their bikes. Tenants were in the habit of just pushing their bicycles into a pile in the building's common storage area in disarray, causing a serious headache for the property management and other tenants trying to access the common room. Bicycle storage in New York City is a major concern. The building manager, Douglas Elliman Co., came to realize the tenants needed to have a place where they could organize and store their bicycles.

WireCrafters-Bicycle-Wall-Rider-storage-bracketThe superintendent of the building recommended WireCrafters' to solve the bicycle storage situation to the Board President. Although the Wall Rider Bicycle Storage Bracket is designed to bolt directly to the existing wall, this storage room needed some additional support at several weak points in the walls and around existing windows. The building's superintendent prepared the bicycle storage room with new floors and fresh paint. Giant Industrial Installation supplied and installed a tube steel support system along the walls that needed additional support, and proceeded to hang the Wall Rider Bike Storage Brackets in the tenant storage area. Most of the bike storage brackets were attached directly to the wall as originally intended.

Douglas Elliman Co. and Giant Industrial Installation teamed up to solve this storage disaster utilizing WireCrafters' Wall Rider Storage Brackets. The tenants of 55 Park Terrace East now have a very efficient and organized bicycle storage room.

WireCrafters-Bicycle-Wall-RiderDouglas Elliman Co. has been working with WireCrafters and Giant Industrial Installations for nearly twenty years. WireCrafters provides condo storage lockers in New York City, and other storage solutions for the many buildings managed in New York by Douglas Elliman Co.

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