WireCrafters Secures Seattle Kraken NHL Hockey Team Practice Facility

When it comes to professional sports facilities, security and organization are of utmost importance. The Seattle Kraken NHL Hockey Team's Practice Facility & Community Iceplex needed a reliable solution to secure their rink ice machinery and parts. In this case study, we'll explore how Southwest Solutions Group, a WireCrafters dealer, provided an exceptional WireCrafters wire partition to meet their needs.

Project Overview

The Seattle Kraken NHL Hockey Team Practice Facility & Community Iceplex required a security cage with a locking sliding door to protect their rink ice machinery and parts storage area. The space presented some challenges, including a raised concrete curb and pipe obstructions that needed to be worked around.

Southwest Solutions Group, a trusted WireCrafters dealer, was chosen to tackle this project. They selected WireCrafters' wire partition solution to address the unique challenges and requirements of the facility.

Why Choose WireCrafters?

Southwest Solutions Group has consistently relied on WireCrafters for their security cage, locker, and related solution needs. There are several key factors that led the company to choose WireCrafters for this project:

  1. Consistency: Southwest Solutions Group had already completed several WireCrafters installations for this customer at the same facility and the Climate Pledge Arena.
  2. Seamless Execution: Every job, from planning to installation, is carried out efficiently and effectively.
  3. Prompt Issue Resolution: If any problems arise, Southwest Solutions Group and WireCrafters work together to address them as quickly as possible.

These factors, combined with WireCrafters' reputation for high-quality products, made them the ideal choice for this project.

WireCrafters Secures Seattle Kraken NHL Hockey Team Practice Facility

Benefits for the End-User

By choosing Southwest Solutions Group and WireCrafters, the Seattle Kraken NHL Hockey Team Practice Facility & Community Iceplex gained a trusted partner that delivers excellent solutions for all their security and storage needs. The finished product, showcased in the included photos, demonstrates the versatility and adaptability of WireCrafters' wire partition solution.

Special Thanks

We'd like to extend our thanks to Jim Deller from Southwest Solutions Group for submitting this case study and for his continued partnership with WireCrafters.

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