TA-50 Military Storage Lockers for Cannon Air Force Base

Project:  TA-50 Military Lockers - Cannon Air Force Base, NM

Dealer: Michigan Storage Products

WireCrafters-TA-50-Military-Storage-LockersWhen Cannon Air Force Base, Home of the 27th Special Operations Wing (27 SOW), needed special military storage lockers for their flight gear, they looked to WireCrafters to help design a TA-50 Military Storage Locker.

The gear storage lockers needed to not only hold standard issue uniforms such as flight suits, but also additional gear like flight helmets and special oxygen masks specific to the 27 SOW. Prior to the installation of the WireCrafters TA-50 military storage lockers, all of their expensive gear was just piled into one large room with little or no organization. Some of their packs would hang on hooks on the wall, but everyone had full access to anyone else's gear, which was not ideal.

Major Kohut, who oversaw the operation, knew that the current gear storage situation was unacceptable. WireCrafters was consulted on what storage locker design would help with the storage of all the military gear on site. WireCrafters-Military-Storage-LockersAfter taking into consideration the customers' needs, WireCrafters designed a TA-50 Military Storage Locker using our basic gear storage locker design with some additional options to meet the needs of the servicemen of the 27th Special Operations Wing. The lockers required two major differences outside of the normal configuration. First, a special compartment was constructed to lock up all of the service men's personal belongings while they were out on missions. Secondly, a compartment was added to the storage locker to hold a brief case, cell phone, wallet and other small personal items, as well as an additional shelf that was specifically designed to hold their flight helmet.

WireCrafters-Military-Gear-Storage-LockersThe TA-50 Military Storage Lockers were shipped fully assembled, whereby the on-site installer only needed to remove the finished lockers from the truck and set them into place. Michigan Storage Products was excited to quote this project because they have a long history  working with WireCrafters. The dealer was on sight when the assembled storage lockers arrived in New Mexico at Cannon AFB. They unloaded the trucks and anchored the lockers to the floor for one of the easiest storage locker installations in the industry.

The 27 SOW has a primary mission to plan and execute specialized and contingency  operations using advanced aircraft, tactics and air refueling techniques to infiltrate, exfiltrate and resupply special operations forces worldwide and provide intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance and close air support in support of SOF operations.

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