Securing Customer Financials Records

Some companies have sensitive data that needs to be protected. If this is physical data such as documents, your company may need a secure space to keep out those who lack permitted access. Lynch Material Handling contacted us about our wire partitions for an automobile dealership in need of a secure area for sensitive materials.

Dealer: Lynch Material Handling

Customer: Automobile Dealership

Product: Wire Partitions

Problem and Solution

Dealerships are required to maintain hard copies of signed contracts and other documents for numerous years. These documents are often stored in the basements of dealerships in a locked room. Data breaches and industry standards are requiring these dealers to have more in-depth levels of securing this information. The integration of adjustable panels allowed the final solution to be adjusted on the fly even after the original customer layout changed by numerous feet in some areas.



Why Choose WireCrafters?

Our product delivers the perfect fit and finishes for this type of application. Easy and clean installations in a very timely fashion allowed the dealer to deliver essential solutions to their customer in an economically sound way.

Similar Product in the WireCrafters Facility

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