Tenant Storage Lockers & Bike Storage – Case Study

Project: The Impala - New York, NY

Dealer: Giant Industrial Installations - College Point, NY

When Storage Space is at a Premium

Living in a high rise condominium in New York City can be exciting and convenient. But, condo tenants do give up a few things that would otherwise be available in the suburbs. One of those critical amenities is tenant storage space. The Impala Condominium building in New York City had a basement area that they never used. The superintendent worked with WireCrafters and Giant Industrial on previous projects. So, they recommended WireCrafters' Tenant Storage Locker to the Impala Board President.  With the square footage prices in New York City being so high, the Board recognized this great opportunity. In addition, the Board President could see there was a great opportunity to use an area in the building that was going unused.

Add Storage in Existing Building Common Areas

Condominium storage lockers in New York City will always be in demand. The Impala Condominium building is very unique in that it has a 12’-0” high ceiling clearance in the basement. Giant Industrial used the 12’-0” high clearance by installing 6’-0” high double tier tenant storage lockers. This turned every inch of space into a revenue-producing amenity for their residents. They used double tier storage lockers and double stacker bike storage to take advantage of the overhead clearance. With this in mind, they also made ladders and other equipment available. This made for easy access to the tall storage lockers.


Tenants Value Storage Space

Giant also combined two rooms into a bike storage room and condo storage locker room. Bicycle storage in New York City and other metropolitan areas is a must-have for any building owner or manager. Now, WireCrafters' Bike Stacker System accommodates up to 10 bikes in one fixed unit. We installed it throughout the bicycle storage room. Also, we used the stand-alone Wall Rider Bike Bracket to maximize their bike storage capacity. The residents were thrilled to have a functioning bike room with dedicated secure bicycle parking.

This setup was a vast improvement over their previous situation. Cluttered bikes became inaccessible. Giant Industrial Installation has been selling WireCrafters' Tenant Storage Lockers for over 20 years. They recently added the WireCrafters Bike Rack line. Giant feels these two product lines by WireCrafters are engineered for both ease of installation and are able to stand the test of time. Giant Industrial's clientele represents repetitive business and continues to ask for WireCrafters' products. This includes tenant storage lockers and bicycle storage solutions.

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