Polycarbonate Machine Guarding

Project: Parker Aerospace - Fort Worth, TX

Dealer: Leamon Storage Systems - Waxahachie, TX

Parker Aerospace, designers and builders of systems and components for virtually every aircraft flying today, had a safety issue in protecting employees from hazardous debris while walking through their plant.  One of Parker's machines was projecting small particles of debris out into one of the facility's personnel walk aisles. Leamon Storage Systems worked with Parker to find a machine guarding solution that protected personnel from these hazards while still allowing workers to visually observe the machine through the guarding to ensure it was running and properly.

Submit Case Study BannerWhile a majority of WireCrafters machine guarding is woven and welded wire mesh panels, Leamon knew that WireCrafters also offers a 1/4” polycarbonate machine guarding panel that would meet Parker’s specific needs.

Polycarbonate Panels

The polycarbonate machine guarding panels block any small debris that  could potentially injure any personnel walking by that the wire mesh panels may not contain. The polycarbonate guarding panels are also transparent to allow maintenance employees visual access to regularly monitor the machine to ensure it is always working efficiently and up to their specifications. The polycarbonate machine guarding panels easily bolt to the safety yellow powder coated frame to clearly mark the machine's defined area and operating area for all employees.

Leamon prefers WireCrafters machine guarding products because the clean, simple design is easy to install; and with the 3/8” anchors holding each guarding post to the floor, the system is heavy-duty and sturdy. Parker was very pleased that Leamon offered such an easy safety solution that is also maintenance free which met all of their needs. WireCrafters polycarbonate machine guarding panels were aesthetically pleasing to both Parker employees and facility visitors. If you're looking for machine guarding in the Dallas, Houston, or San Antonio area, contact WireCrafters today; we even offer free machine guarding design and layout assistance!

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Milt Explains Our Polycarbonate Panels

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