Project: Milwaukee Brush - Milwaukee, WI

Dealer: Warehouse Equipment Company Inc. - Germantown, WI

RackBack ® Safety Panels

WireCrafters-Rackback-safety-panels-prevent-stored-items-from-fallingMilwaukee Brush (MB) is a leading manufacturer of a variety of brush and broom products. They provide standard household brooms, a variety of push brooms for different surfaces and handheld counter dusters, and related accessories. In their manufacturing facility are rows of pallet racks in which they store all of their finished manufactured products. These pallet racks can be 20 feet tall with brooms stored loosely and in storage boxes which are a dangerous hazard for personnel walking the aisles below.

MB found that they, like most other manufacturing and warehouse centers, were facing a serious safety problem in the storage of their raw and finished inventory. Products are stored very high on pallet racks with workers and other personnel walking nearby with no protection from falling objects.

Warehouse Safety & Protection

To provide safety and security to their employees, MB decided they needed to inspect all
working areas and high traffic aisle ways  around their pallet racks and find a safety solution that would not only protect their employees working near these hazardous areas, but also prevent the potential danger of falling items. MB contacted Warehouse Equipment Inc., who they normally work with for their material handling needs.

WireCrafters RackBack® Safety Panels are the Best Option

Warehouse Equipment listened to MB's safety concerns and suggested WireCrafters RackBack® Safety Panels as the best solution. The RackBack® safety panels bolt directly to the existing pallet rack uprights with offset brackets provided by WireCrafters. The wire partition panels can mount flush against the pallet rack or an offset up to a 12" to allow for pallet rack overhang. The RackBack® panels prevent objects from falling off the pallet rack, rather than "catching" items like the less effective pallet rack netting systems. In years past, these cloth netting systems were used, but warehouse netting would only catch the product after it fell, whereas the RackBack® safety panels prevent items from falling or spilling in the first place.

Quick & Easy Installation

WireCrafters-Rackback-safety-panels-in-facilityWarehouse Equipment prefers to work with WireCrafters for pallet rack backing because of the quick and easy installation of the wire mesh panels. RackBack® panels are punched every 6" so you can always match the offset bracket to a hole in the rack upright. The old style warehouse pallet netting product requires heavy cables and turn buckles for attachment, which made for sloppy and more difficult installations. The simple design of a WireCrafters "L" bracket connecting the panels to an upright is quick and easy.

Safe Storage at a Great Price

Milwaukee Brush was very pleased with the RackBack® Safety Panels from WireCrafters, which were able to provide both safety and security to their employees at a very affordable price. Warehouse Equipment Inc. got exactly what they were looking for - an exceptional safety solution at a very competitive price, quick and easy installation, and a very happy customer who found the perfect solution for their warehouse safety concerns.

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