Securing Walkways with Pallet Racking

Sometimes a business may simply need an additional add-on piece to fully secure an element in their warehouse. In this case, we helped to provide rack-back safety panels for an existing pallet rack system. With our minimal lead times and easy installation, our product was the perfect choice for this dealer to get the job done.

Dealer | Carolina Material Handling

Customer | Biscuitville

Product | RackBack® Pallet Rack Backing Safety Panels

Problem and Solution

Our customer has an amazing new warehouse in Burlington, NC. The walking path for office employees and warehouse employees leading through the warehouse from the offices to the docks needed to be safer. The pallet rack system installed by Carolina Material Handling fills the warehouse, so the walk aisles follow the back side of the pallet racks. CMH and WireCrafters designed wire mesh panel rack backing to mount to the back of the rack to prevent pallets and products from falling off the back of the rack into the walk aisles. This rack backing extends 4' above the top shelf level and is upright to protect even at the top beam levels.

Now the warehouse has a secure and safe walk and egress path for employees to walk safely in the warehouse.

Why Choose WireCrafters?

Wirecrafters has quick shipping of rack back panels and can provide 4 - 6" offset brackets to allow for pallet overhang. The rack backing is simple to install.

If your business needs secure pallet racks in your warehouse, contact us and get a quote today!

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