Case Studies

Case Studies

Safety Redefined: Driver Cages Enhancing Workplace Security and Productivity

Safety Redefined: Driver Cages Enhancing Workplace Security and Productivity Project Overview: Embarking on the intersection of industrial safety and material ... Read more

Waste Not, Store More: Repurposing Neglected Space for Automotive Bay

Waste Not, Store More: Repurposing Neglected Space for Automotive Bay Project Overview: In today's rapidly evolving industrial landscape, the need ... Read more

DEA Secured Cages for Drug Manufacturers

DEA Secured Cages for Drug Manufacturers Project Overview: In the world of pharmaceuticals and controlled substances, maintaining the highest security ... Read more

Customized Secure Cannabis Storage

Customized Secure Cannabis Storage Project Overview: In the ever-evolving landscape of the cannabis industry, secure and compliant storage solutions are ... Read more

Securing the Port of Portland’s Food Services

Project Overview The Portland Airport, a major transport hub for the region, was undergoing significant remodeling of its terminals. This ... Read more

Wire Panels Provide Safety Solution for YMCA Basketball Court | Case Study

Enhance safety and durability with WireCrafters' wire partitions. Our customized solutions provide a robust alternative to fragile walls, ensuring a secure environment. Request a free quote today for top-quality physical barriers.
WireCrafters Secures Seattle Kraken NHL Hockey Team Practice Facility

WireCrafters Secures Seattle Kraken NHL Hockey Team Practice Facility

Explore how WireCrafters and Southwest Solutions Group teamed up to provide a secure, adaptable wire partition solution for the Seattle Kraken NHL Hockey Team Practice Facility & Community Iceplex, overcoming unique space challenges and ensuring top-notch security for their rink ice machinery and parts storage.
Industrial Shelving Systems Server Cage Case Study

Swift and Secure Server Cage Solutions: A Case Study on WireCrafters’ Partnership with TierPoint and Industrial Shelving Systems

When it comes to the secure and efficient operation of data-driven businesses, the role of server cages is paramount. This reality was not lost on TierPoint when they decided to expand their operations into a new location. Needing a solution that promised security and accessibility, they found the ideal partners in WireCrafters and Industrial Shelving Systems. In this case study, we delve into the details of this successful partnership, highlighting WireCrafters' commitment to quality, timely delivery, and seamless installation processes. Discover why TierPoint switched to our server cages and how this upgrade not only met but surpassed their unique specifications. Read on to learn how our commitment to customer satisfaction enables us to consistently deliver reliable, high-quality solutions.
Wire Partitions Inmate Safety thumbnail

Wire Partitions for Safety: A Case Study on a Commitment Center

WireCrafters has recently partnered with Miner Corporation to provide a safety solution for the Florida Civil Commitment Center in Arcadia, Florida. The project involved securing a 2nd floor balcony with wire partitions to prevent inmates from being thrown or jumping off the balcony, as well as preventing unwanted climbing. The key factor that led the company to choose WireCrafters' solution over other options was their consistently high-quality products and unmatched sales and technical support. The modular design of the wire partitions also allows for building upon the current design, which may be necessary in the future.
Enhancing Assisted Living Facilities with WireCrafters Lockers

Enhancing Assisted Living Facilities with WireCrafters Lockers

Discover how Purdy Company transformed an assisted living facility in Dayton, Ohio, with WireCrafters Tenant Storage Lockers. Learn why WireCrafters is the preferred partner for wire partition applications, offering professionalism, exceptional customer service, and high-quality products. Explore the importance of tenant storage lockers in assisted living facilities and the benefits they provide for residents. Read on to see how case studies like this one can help build trust and drive leads for businesses, showcasing real-world solutions and expertise.
Tool Crib Case Study

Secure Your Tools with WireCrafters Wire Partitions: A Tool Crib Case Study

Secure your valuable tools with WireCrafters' high-quality wire partitions. Our partner, Atlantic Installation LLC, implemented our tool crib solution to keep their customer's tools safe and organized. Learn about the benefits of installing tool cribs in your facility and see how WireCrafters can help you with your tool storage needs.

Wire Partition Cage Solutions for Pet Food Processing and Packaging Facilities

In this case study, see how Riekes Equipment partnered with WireCrafters to find the perfect solution for this end user. Discover how WireCrafters' products not only provide the necessary separation and security but are also easy to install. And don't forget to submit your own case study for a chance to receive WireCrafters swag!
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