Sheet Metal Enclosures for R&D | Case Study

The Value of our Products for R&D

Our Wire partitions are used in storage and fulfillment centers, industrial plants, and even offices for a multitude of purposes. In a recent case with Masters Gallery Foods, Inc., our wire partitions were crafted as sheet metal enclosures to offer their organization a way to separate and secure their Research & Development station within the warehouse.

Dealer Name: Northway Fence

Customer (End User): Masters Gallery Foods, Inc. -- Plymouth, WI

Product Purchased from WireCrafters: Wire Partitions

Product and Solution

For this project, we provided Masters Gallery Foods, Inc. (the end-user) with the sheet metal version of our wire partition panels. They are now being as a protective enclosure for their R&D work. Considering the very nature of R&D testing, they needed privacy and security from the rest of their facility or else their work could be severely compromised. Our wire partitions accomplished this need for secure boundaries. This partnership was made possible through our dealer, Northway Fence.

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sheet metal enclosures

Why Choose WireCrafters?

When asked why Masters Gallery Foods, Inc. and Northway Fencing selected wire partitions from WireCrafters, they deemed it to be from their previous experiences working with us. Our sheet metal wire partition was exactly what they needed for this project based on their specifications.

Our team at WireCrafters was delighted to collaborate on this. If your facility is also in need of wire partitions for research and development stations, please let us know here.

Research & Development Enclosures
sheet metal enclosures for R&D station
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