Safety Redefined: Driver Cages Enhancing Workplace Security and Productivity

Project Overview:

Embarking on the intersection of industrial safety and material handling efficiency, this case study illuminates the successful partnership between WireCrafters and Stac Material Handling. The focal point of this collaboration lies in the development and installation of a driver cage for LyondellBasell, a prominent player in the chemical industry. 

As we examine the details of this project, the narrative unfolds to showcase how WireCrafters and Stac Material Handling worked together to deliver a tailored solution that met LyondellBasell's stringent safety requirements and enhanced the overall operational workflow. 

Customer Description

Before implementing a driver cage solution, LyondellBasell faced a significant challenge with an unsecured facility entry for their personnel. The existing setup lacked a dedicated and controlled access point for drivers entering and exiting the facility, leaving the entry vulnerable to unauthorized personnel and potential safety hazards. 

Without a proper barrier, the facility entrance was exposed to the unregulated traffic flow, posing a risk to personnel and valuable assets. Recognizing the need for an enhanced security measure, LyondellBasell sought a tailored solution to address these concerns and improve overall safety protocols within their industrial environment. This prompted the collaboration with WireCrafters and Stac Material Handling to design and install a driver cage, ultimately fortifying the facility entry and providing a secure and controlled access point for all entering and exiting personnel.

Customer Solution

The customer had a chain-link fence with doors that could not be securely locked, posing a threat to their facility. Truck drivers could freely walk into the facility and production areas, causing a safety hazard. With WireCrafters’ driver cages installed with an electric strike, the customer can now wire those into their existing security system and allow employees to enter the site through the cages with a scanned employee key card, thus unlocking the doors. 

The opposite side of the door was chosen to have a push bar for ease of exit in case of a fire or other emergency. The driver cage in the receiving area was installed with a service window to allow the customer to keep the driver in a secure location and still allow paperwork to be transferred to the appropriate person.

Why Choose WireCrafters?

Due to several key factors, WireCrafters emerged as the ideal partner for LyondellBasell's facility entry security needs. First and foremost, WireCrafters demonstrated an impressive lead time, showcasing their commitment to timely project delivery. In industrial solutions, time is often of the essence, and WireCrafters' efficiency plays a crucial role. 

Additionally, the unwavering dedication to quality assurance confirmed to Stac that the implemented solution would meet the highest durability and reliability standards. Lastly, incorporating an electric strike in WireCrafters' design added an extra layer of security, allowing for controlled access and enhancing the overall effectiveness of the driver cage. WireCrafters' proficiency in managing lead time, commitment to quality, and innovative use of technology made them the standout choice for addressing LyondellBasell's security concerns with a solution that seamlessly blended efficiency and reliability.

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The WireCrafters Difference

Since being established in 1967 as a wire job shop, WireCrafters has become the nation’s leading producer of wire partition products. Contrary to traditional systems, our woven and welded wire partitions are based on the simple idea that panels stack one on top of the other between tubular posts to reach the finished partition height. The ability to create customizable-sized panels sets us apart from all other competitors.

Our mission is to provide our customers with creative solutions for their safety, security, and storage needs while meeting commitments with exceptional quality by people who care.

To learn more about WireCrafters, visit www.wirecrafters.com or follow us on YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

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