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Tenant Storage Lockers Meet Unique Construction Parameters [CASE STUDY]

Tenant Storage Lockers Meet Unique Construction Parameters [CASE STUDY]

Project: Arcade Building, St. Louis, Missouri
Dealer: Industrial Shelving Systems –

When the iconic and historic Arcade Building in St. Louis, MO was going through a much needed renovation AND conversion into apartments the imminent need for tenant storage solutions became a priority.

The Arcade building had sat vacant for years until a developer purchased the property in late 2013 with a vision of restoring the landmark and converting it into apartment units for artists, regular tenants, and classrooms for a local university. For its residents, the Building will also boast 11,000 square …

WireCrafters® Receives Industry Award

WireCrafters® Receives Industry Award

December 15, 2015

Louisville, KY – WireCrafters has earned the prestigious MVS (Most Valuable Supplier) Award for 2016. The MVS Award is granted by the industry’s trade association, MHEDA (Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association). This newly initiated Award recognizes companies who have demonstrated an exemplary commitment to their dealer network, their employees and their community.

To qualify for the MVS Award, WireCrafters® was required to meet a series of criteria in a number of areas important to the distributor companies who do business with them. In addition to confirming an on-going commitment to safety, MVS Award winners have demonstrated …

Wire Partitions Secure Network Equipment – Presentation Academy

Wire Partitions Secure Network Equipment – Presentation Academy

Working With The Local Community
Paula Samuels
Presentation Academy Director of Technology

Presentation Academy is an all girls Catholic high school in Louisville, Ky. It also happens to be the oldest Catholic high school in Louisville, but when it comes to technology, Presentation is on the cutting edge. When Presentation called us to help with their server cabinet security we were happy to help and donated the wire partition enclosure required.

Schools and Businesses Experience Same Security Issues

Like many businesses, high schools too have a need to secure the network infrastructure of …

7 Places You Can Find Wire Security Cages

7 Places You Can Find Wire Security Cages

It goes without saying that the safe and secure storage of valuable property is crucial for most companies. Protecting critical supplies and materials from loss, damage, or pilferage requires both a culture of awareness and the right kind of security equipment.

Wire mesh security cages and partitions, used in a variety of applications to protect inventory, reduce shrinkage, and increase safety, are an ideal solution for creating secure space. Wire cages are a cost-effective and more secure alternative to conventional chain link fencing, but are more versatile as well. They can easily be removed, relocated, …

Distribution Center Secured With Pallet Rack Back, Wire Partition & GuardRail

Distribution Center Secured With Pallet Rack Back, Wire Partition & GuardRail

Some areas are out of sight and therefore out of mind to the general public. All too often you will find unsecure and unsafe areas that are just forgotten or not even considered. There are many areas in facilities around the globe that need to be safe and secure from thieves both internal and external to the business. Limiting access to restricted areas or areas that contain valuable inventory can bring huge benefits to corporations. Safety is also key.

Ross Clark Material Handling was asked to help a  large retail grocery chain to control valuable …

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