June is Safety Awareness Month

A Reminder for Safety Awareness Month

June is Safety Awareness Month, which means now is a great time to check in with your facility and employees to make sure everything is running as smoothly and safely as possible. Safety is a top priority for many businesses, including us! Everyone has to play their part in making sure workplaces stay safe for everyone.

The best way to do this is to stay OSHA compliant at all times. This means keeping walkways clear, marking potential hazards, providing protective gear, and more. Check out a recent blog of ours to read up on some tips to staying OSHA compliant and read more on OSHA’s website for a more indepth look.

Safety is not just related to workplace hazards. Every year, the National Safety Council focuses on some key areas you don’t want to forget about. Their focuses this year include: 

  • Mental Health
  • Ergonomics
  • Driving
  • Building a Safety Culture

The NSC can provide you with plenty of materials on each of those topics, but for now, we want to specifically call out building a safety culture. 

It’s important that employees feel safe in your facility and know how to handle situations that aren’t safe. Emergency procedures should be put in place and potential hazards should be marked. These tips and more are all part of OSHA regulations. Employees also have a right to be protected: to work in a safe environment, to have protective gear when necessary, and to report accidents and injuries. 

Another part of safety culture is training. Safety needs to be taken seriously, otherwise accidents happen that can cause lifelong injuries or even death. Every employee that works with heavy machinery, vehicles, chemicals, electricity, etc. should be trained to work with those things and trained on what to do in case of an emergency. All employees should also have training on how to be safe in your facility.

safety awareness month

How WireCrafters can help you keep your employees safe

At WireCrafters, we are dedicated to providing the best materials to help keep you, your employees, your inventory, and your facility safe. We offer wire mesh barriers that are used for multiple purposes including machine guarding for heavy machinery, sharp blades, and other potentially dangerous equipment, storage solutions to keep inventory safely in place, and guardrails to help prevent falls.

WireCrafters provides our customers with creative solutions for their safety as well as their security and storage needs, while meeting commitments with exceptional quality by people who care. Let us know how we can help keep you safe.

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