Custom Rack Backing for Wise Plastics | Case Study

By partnering with CSI Materials Handling, our RackBack ® wire mesh panels were implemented to support racks in the dock doorways for Wise Plastics in Illinois.

Dealer Name: CSI Materials Handling
Customer (End User): Wise Plastics, Illinois
Product Purchased from WireCrafters: RackBack ®

Problem & Solution

Wise Plastics needed backing for over their dock pallet rack. They have much lower profile backing throughout their warehouse. Being that this rack was going over actively utilized dock doors, and sitting a few feet from the wall, it was a necessity to use the strongest and safest backing available to keep their people and products safe in this space.

One of Wise Plastic's bays over the dock rack was a unique size, but WireCrafters' RackBack ® product is very adaptable.  Our team was easily able to meet those custom requirements. CSI Materials Handling installed our custom-sized panels at Wise Plastics just as easily as the standard sizes and, according to them, they all work wonderfully in their facility.

rackback installation
pallet rack safety

Why Choose WireCrafters

"WireCrafters is a tremendous business partner, and makes the most effective, best-looking, and easiest to install rack back on the market." This was the feedback we were given by our partners at CSI Materials Handling. We're proud to have a reputation for being knowledgeable, helpful, and invested in getting the solution right the first time around. Our products are known for being of highest quality on the market as well as the safest and easiest to install.

We're glad to work with great dealers like CSI Materials Handling. We want to help them be successful in providing great products to their customers. To learn more about our products, whether for your own facility or to potentially partner with us in distributing solutions like ours in your local area, contact us here.

To view the specs and info on our RackBack ®, download those details here. 

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