When protection is the priority but easy access is also required, our Lift Out Kits are an obvious solution as an add-on to our industrial guard rail. Watch this video to see a recent showcase of the Lift Out Kit in our own facility.

Using Lift Out Add-On in Guard Rail Systems

In the video, you see how easy it is to use the Lift Out. It allowed our team members Aaron and Matt to remove the rail in one fluid motion. Although easy to use, the Kit does not negatively affect the connection between the guard rail and the column. You can remain confident in the impressive impact standards our guardrails are known for, with or without a Lift Out Kit add-on.

In that example, we used the Lift Out Kit with our double high guard rail, but it can be utilized with single high guard rail too.

The video shows you how the Lift Out Kit comes in handy around electrical cabinets. In our plant, we want to prevent people and vehicles from running into that cabinet, but our maintenance team needs to get inside it regularly. The Lift Out Kit on our Guard Rail allows for all of this.

Another example where a Lift Out Kit works well is when protecting a wall with outlets or other utility items on or near it. Can you think of other ways this flexibility could come in handy?

If you're interested in having a Lift Out Kit with a guard rail system, it's extremely easy to request. Under the rails section of our quote form, you'll see "Lift Out" listed below. We can provide this add-on for you through a 48 hour shipment process. Don't hesitate to try it in your facility!

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P.S. If you haven't seen the Mondays with Milt episode showcasing the Guard Rail, many people enjoy hearing his take on things too.

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