Pallet Racking vs. Safety Netting: Choosing the Right Solution for Your Warehouse

Choosing between RackBack® systems and safety netting becomes a critical decision when creating a safe work environment, particularly in industries where heights are a concern. Both options aim to prevent accidents and protect workers but have advantages and disadvantages. We will go into more detail below regarding the difference between WireCrafters’ RackBack® and safety netting, helping businesses make an informed decision for their specific needs.

Some key highlights of our RackBack® system include:

  • Fall Prevention
      • The primary purpose of RackBack® is to prevent items or pallets from accidentally falling off the edge of storage racks. This helps maintain a safer working environment and reduces the risk of injuries.
  • Visual Deterrent
      • It serves as a visual barrier, reminding workers to exercise caution near the edges of racks. This visual cue contributes to increased awareness and adherence to safety protocols.
  • Customizable Design 
      • At WireCrafters, we pride ourselves on the ability to create customizable size panels to meet our customer’s individual needs. The ability to customize the design is a significant component of what sets us apart from all other competitors.
  • Ease of Installation
    • Compared to some alternative safety measures, RackBack® systems are generally easy to install. This ease of installation helps minimize downtime and disruptions to regular warehouse operations.

  • Durability 
      • Our RackBack® panels are constructed with our 2” x 2” square welded mesh, providing a long-lasting and robust solution. This durability ensures the system remains effective, even in demanding industrial environments.
  • Enhanced Security
    • By preventing items from falling off racks, RackBack® helps protect products and personnel. This can result in reduced damage to goods and equipment, contributing to overall safety around the warehouse.

In contrast, safety netting can be an option for warehouse pallet safety. However, some key factors should be considered when comparing RackBack® and safety netting systems.

Some key differences are:

  • Installing Complexity 
      • Installing safety netting can be more complex and time-consuming than other safety measures. The complexity of installation may result in more extended downtime during the setup process, affecting regular operations.
  • Maintenance Requirements
      • While safety netting generally requires less maintenance than some alternatives, it is not maintenance-free. Over time, the netting may experience wear and tear, and repairs or replacements may be necessary. This ongoing maintenance can incur additional costs.
  • Cost Considerations
      • The initial cost of installing safety netting may be higher than other safety solutions. This upfront expense could be a significant factor in decision-making for businesses operating on a tight budget.
  • Potential for Damage
      • The safety netting may sustain damage in the event of a fall or impact. While the netting is designed to absorb and distribute the force, repairs or replacements may be needed, adding to the overall cost of the system.
  • Limited Impact Absorption
      • While safety netting is effective at absorbing the impact of falling objects or individuals, it may provide a different level of impact absorption than some alternative safety measures. Businesses dealing with particularly heavy or hazardous materials may need to consider this limitation.  
  • Specific Design Requirements
      • Safety netting may not be suitable for all warehouse configurations. Specific layouts, structures, or operational needs may pose challenges when implementing safety netting, requiring careful consideration during the planning and design phases.
  • Aesthetic Concerns
    • Some businesses may have aesthetic concerns about the appearance of safety netting in their facilities. The presence of netting might be perceived as intrusive or unappealing, impacting the overall visual aesthetics of the workplace.

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In conclusion, ultimately, choosing between our RackBack® system and safety netting depends on a business’s specific needs and priorities. WireCrafters’ RackBack® systems offer a visible and customizable solution that can prioritize safety and operational efficiency in the workplace. 

We work hard to meet your safety, security, and storage needs. Contact us and get a quote today!

To learn more about WireCrafters, visit www.wirecrafters.com.

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