Beyond the Basics: Exploring Specialized Features in DEA Cage Customization

WireCrafters is committed to providing tailored solutions for the unique needs of drug companies with its specialized DEA cages. These cages are meticulously designed to meet the stringent requirements set by the DEA, ensuring a secure and compliant environment for handling controlled substances. WireCrafters goes beyond the standard offerings, offering customization options that cater to the specific needs of pharmaceutical companies and the expanding cannabis industry. From size adjustments to specialized access controls, WireCrafters’ DEA cages provide a versatile and secure drug storage and handling solution, prioritizing safety and efficiency in this growing industry.

Custom Capabilities


WireCrafters recognizes the diverse needs of pharmaceutical companies and can offer several different mesh configurations. Recognizing the need allows for tailoring DEA cages to specific requirements, ensuring the mesh aligns perfectly with drug companies’ unique needs. Since our standard 2” x 1” woven mesh meets the DEA’s federal regulation, it is economical for customers to use. If the customer is looking for something outside the standard option, WireCrafters offers various mesh options.

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Height and Width

Our DEA cages offer exceptional flexibility in customization, particularly in height and width capabilities. These secure cages are designed to meet the specific requirements of facilities handling controlled substances. In terms of height, WireCrafters allows for the customization of cage dimensions to accommodate varying ceiling heights, ensuring an optimal fit for diverse spaces. Similarly, the width options are highly customizable, catering to each facility’s unique layout and space constraints. This adaptability in height and width ensures that our DEA cages can be seamlessly integrated into a wide range of environments, providing reliable security for sensitive materials while maintaining a tailored and efficient workspace.


Recognizing the importance of DEA compliance, WireCrafters ensures that ceilings are constructed at least 1" outside of any obstructions, meeting stringent requirements for secure storage of controlled substances. What sets WireCrafters apart is their ability to custom-cut ceiling panels, allowing seamless integration around overhead joists, piping, and other obstructions. Additionally, by following federal regulations, we offer the option to build cages to the roof deck or install a ceiling if the cage does not extend to the roof deck. This commitment to customization and compliance makes our DEA cages reliable for facilities handling controlled substances.

Closing Options

WireCrafters stands out in providing highly customizable options for DEA cage doors, catering to the specific needs of facilities handling controlled substances. We offer a range of door options, including hinge doors, double hinge doors, and slide doors. Hinge doors provide a traditional and practical solution, while hydraulic door closers ensure controlled and secure access. 

Slide doors with hydraulic door closers or an electric motor offer a space-efficient alternative for spaces with limited swing clearance. This diversity of door options allows us to tailor any DEA cage to each facility’s unique requirements, ensuring security, ease of access, and operational efficiency. Whether a hinged door for simplicity or a hydraulic door closer for controlled access, WireCrafters delivers solutions that align with the specific needs of our customers. 

Added Security

Our cages provide a versatile solution when used in conjunction with concrete vaults. Our cages can be expertly constructed inside concrete vaults, adding an extra layer of protection to safeguard Schedule III, IV, and V drugs. While the DEA cages ensure the highest standards of security for these classes of pharmaceuticals, the concrete vaults extend their capabilities to store Schedule I and II drugs, offering a comprehensive solution for the secure storage of a wide range of controlled substances. This adaptability ensures a comprehensive storage solution for facilities dealing with diverse controlled substances while maintaining the highest security and regulatory compliance standards. 

WireCrafters' DEA cages stand as a reliable choice for creating a secure and flexible environment for the storage of various classes of controlled drugs. Through our specialized DEA cages, we are dedicated to providing custom solutions for drug companies’ unique needs. With a focus on safety, efficiency, and compliance, our DEA cages are the reliable choice for the secure storage and handling of controlled substances in pharmaceutical and cannabis operations – and can be customized to meet any customer’s need!

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