Case Studies

Enhancing Assisted Living Facilities with WireCrafters Lockers

Enhancing Assisted Living Facilities with WireCrafters Lockers

Discover how Purdy Company transformed an assisted living facility in Dayton, Ohio, with WireCrafters Tenant Storage Lockers. Learn why WireCrafters is the preferred partner for wire partition applications, offering professionalism, exceptional customer service, and high-quality products. Explore the importance of tenant storage lockers in assisted living facilities and the benefits they provide for residents. Read on to see how case studies like this one can help build trust and drive leads for businesses, showcasing real-world solutions and expertise.
Tool Crib Case Study

Secure Your Tools with WireCrafters Wire Partitions: A Tool Crib Case Study

Secure your valuable tools with WireCrafters' high-quality wire partitions. Our partner, Atlantic Installation LLC, implemented our tool crib solution to keep their customer's tools safe and organized. Learn about the benefits of installing tool cribs in your facility and see how WireCrafters can help you with your tool storage needs.

Wire Partition Cage Solutions for Pet Food Processing and Packaging Facilities

In this case study, see how Riekes Equipment partnered with WireCrafters to find the perfect solution for this end user. Discover how WireCrafters' products not only provide the necessary separation and security but are also easy to install. And don't forget to submit your own case study for a chance to receive WireCrafters swag!
RackBack case study thumbnail

How WireCrafters’ RackBack and Pallet Rack Enclosures Protected Southwest Gas’ Employees and Inventory

Discover how WireCrafters' RackBack and Pallet Rack Enclosures provided the perfect solutions for Southwest Gas' storage and safety challenges. In this case study, you'll learn how Engineered Products, a WireCrafters dealer, was able to provide fall protection and secure storage for high-value items with the help of WireCrafters' innovative products.
EP Pape Athletic Storage Cages

WireCrafters Wire Partitions Provide Secure Storage Solution for High School’s Athletic Facilities | Case Study

The application of the product was crucial, as the new expansion provided a unique opportunity to implement a storage system for each Athletic Team at Olympic High School. The Wire Partitions created by WireCrafters provided a cost-effective solution for securing and organizing equipment for each team during their respective seasons and in the off-season.
Tenant Storage Lockers

Staying Compliant with Tenant Storage Lockers | Case Study

When you have tenants in your building, you need to give them space to store their belongings. This was exactly what Laterra needed to stay compliant with the city requirements.
WireCrafters Hoj Driver Cage

More than Just a Driver Cage | A Total Protection System

Our physical barriers can serve as more than just a basic driver cage. Hoj utilized it to provide a total protection system for their customer who needed to keep total containment of the driver entrance.

Securing Customer Financials Records | Case Study

Some companies have sensitive data that needs to be protected. If this is physical data such as documents, your company may need a secure space to keep out those who lack permitted access.

Large Maintenance Cage Increases Efficiency | Case Study

York Container realized that they needed a designated space for their maintenance parts. WireCrafters’ top-of-the-line wire partitions were the perfect choice to create the space that they needed.
Securing Walkways with Pallet Racking

Securing Walkways with Pallet Racking | Case Study

Sometimes a business may simply need an additional add-on piece to fully secure an element in their warehouse. In this case, we helped to provide rack-back safety panels for an existing pallet rack system. With our minimal lead times and easy installation, our product was the perfect choice for this dealer to get the job done.
cannabis storage

Access Cages Secure Cannabis Inventory | Case Study

Here we worked again with EP Pape to provide a wire mesh cage for a Cannabis Distributor who needed to secure their product in its own space.

Securing Parts Access at University of Texas | Case Study

The Pickle Research Center at The University of Texas needed a security cage for the parts counter in the university services building. The cage worked to secure the building entrance from the parts counter.

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