Guarding Inventory with Customized Panel Runs

Project Overview:

Raymond Storage Concepts recently collaborated with Proximo, a leading beverage distributor, to enhance their warehouse safety and efficiency. The partnership aimed to safeguard Proximo’s valuable inventory, ensure product protection, and ensure operational fluidity within its bustling distribution center. Through planning and execution, Raymond and WireCrafters delivered a customized solution that met Proximo’s unique needs, reinforcing their commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Customer Description

Proximo faced a critical need to safeguard their high-value inventory while maintaining efficient accessibility for their operations team. With a busy warehouse environment and a constant flow of products, Proximo required a practical solution to protect their stock from potential damage or theft. The ideal system would offer secure storage with the convenience of easy access, ensuring the workflow remained uninterrupted. To address these needs, Proximo sought a custom-designed wire partition cage that combined security with functionality, allowing for both protection and quick product retrieval.

Why Choose WireCrafters?

In selecting WireCrafters for their security needs, Proximo was influenced by several key factors. The presence of a great local representative who was highly accessible and easy to collaborate with made the process seamless. WireCrafters’ reputation for providing the best product on the market assured Proximo that their investment would yield long-term benefits. These combined attributes as well as the ability to customize the cage to Proximo’s unique needs, made WireCrafters the clear choice, ensuring that the customer’s product protection requirements were met with unparalleled quality and ease.

The WireCrafters Difference

Since 1967, when WireCrafters was established as a wire job shop, it has become the nation’s leading producer of wire partition products. Contrary to traditional systems, our woven and welded wire partitions are based on the simple idea that panels stack one on top of the other between tubular posts to reach the finished partition height. Our ability to create customizable-sized panels sets us apart from all other competitors.

Our mission is to provide our customers with creative solutions for their safety, security, and storage needs while meeting commitments with exceptional quality by people who care.

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