For The Best Work Environment, Aim For Safety, Security, and Separation

The 3 S's (Safety, Security, and Separation) are pretty important to everything we do at WireCrafters and we think they should be implemented in every industrial facility as well. How we define and apply the 3 S's might be different than another manufacturer, but here's our definition of each. If safety is one of your top priorities in your workplace– as most organizations would say – then we say you must qualify how well you rank by pinpointing the exact efforts you're making towards safety as well as security and separation. We believe these values can be interconnected in the workplace.

Safety, Security, and Separation in Your Industrial Facility

Safety is our top priority at WireCrafters and in our facility, safety is about the best way we can keep our employees safe from the machinery and the machinery in top condition from potential damage that workers and other equipment might cause.

Security is a top priority as well. The core definition of security is a state of being free from danger or threat. Unfortunately, our world has many dangers and threats, so maintaining security is a constant effort. At WireCrafters, that looks like storing our property in an organized way, implementing systematic processes that all employees abide by, and making sure the right people have the right access to different parts of our facility, which is increasingly important as we add on an additional (how many square feet?)!

Separation is how we organize our facility and create necessary boundaries to increase the safety and security of our warehouse. Separation might seem trivial at face-value, but take it from the experts, it's not something you want to glance over.

No matter your place of work or title, the 3 S's can help you make decisions about policies, logistics, how to manage your equipment, and more. Below, we discuss a few of our products and how they can enhance the 3 S's in your facility.

Solutions For Industrial Safety

If you're not investing in the safety of your employees and property, then you're not moving in the right direction. The impact that workplace injuries have can be devastating. OSHA estimates that "employers pay almost $1 billion per week for direct workers' compensation costs alone." The ROI of safety investment can make all the difference in your bottom line year over year.

Our products that provide safety, security, and separation are:

  • Wire Partitions
  • Industrial Storage Lockers
  • RackBack

The following WireCrafters products provide increased separation and safety in warehouses:

  • Tool Cribs
  • Protective Railing
  • Machine Guarding
  • Custom Door Locks

Here's a breakdown on a few key solutions that will get you started on the right path towards better warehouse safety, security, and separation.

Industrial Wire Partitions

With wire partitions being our bread and butter, we have a lot of comprehensive content on our website. Wire partitions seem to do it all. They can be applied in almost any configuration you need to make your warehouse safer, more secure and organized. Check out our blog, Secure Storage with WireCrafters Woven Wire Mesh Partitions that our very own Milt Tandy wrote. Who knew he could write? We kid, we kid.

If you can't decide between solid and wire mesh panels, read this blog: Why Choose Wire Mesh Partitions instead of Solid Partitions?

Lastly, you can read up on some of our case studies where we discuss how our wire partitions solved a security, separation, or safety problem.

Warehouse Driver Cages

If you haven't heard of our YouTube series, Mondays With Milt, you've got a lot of quality content to catch up on. The very first episode of this series is Milt discussing the importance of a WireCrafters driver cage. Driver cages make warehouses more safe by confining drivers and other visitors to a certain area until they're cleared for further warehouse access. For more information on how they create crucial safety measures, read 3 Key Ways Driver Cages Make the Warehouse Safer and don't miss the following case study on how driver cages contain warehouse visitors.

RackBack Panels

These wiremesh panels bolt directly into the back of existing pallet rack uprights in your warehouse to create a sturdy barrier to protect the stored equipment and employees by preventing falling items. If a forklift accidentally runs into a pallet rack structure, it might not take a lot of force for a shaky item to fall. Avoid lost time and money with RackBack panels.

Catch up on these Case Studies to see how these panels have been installed in different facilities:

Machine Guarding

Expensive equipment and priceless employees call for proper safety measures. Our machine guarding systems are a cost-effective way to protect and separate personnel from the potential dangers resulting from automated equipment. This solution is versatile and allows for easy integration of access doors or larger openings with system controls.

If your facility has a machine, OSHA requires a machine guard. To find out which system is best, read our blog Which Machine Guarding System Should You Choose? Read how we help shape the machine guarding industry and these case studies:

These are just a glimpse into some of our solutions that will ensure your facility is safe, secure, and separated. We are not only passionate about helping you reach the highest levels of safety in your facility, we are also the experts that can provide the right solutions. With over 50 years of experience in the industry, we like to think that we know what we're talking about. Our solutions are tried and true. For more information, specs, and details of all our products, click here.

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