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Not every factory or plant is the same, from different products and procedures to even the building layout and industry requirements. A plastic injection molding company will not have the same floor layout and needs as a metal welding and design company. So don't assume that all machine guards have to be the exact same. Sure, OSHA has specific requirements, but there are other aspects that can be customized to your factory to fit your needs and ensure a safe work environment.

Machine Location

machine guarding

The ability to sketch out a factory's needs is essential, including elements such as the locks, height, and layout. If your machinery is near a wall, in a corner, or even in the middle of a room, WireCrafters has the ability to work with various configurations to fit your needs. We also take into account the OSHA requirements, making sure the project to fit all your prerequisites from the start. A local representative can assist with sketching out the location and take into account the needs for each of your machine guarding projects, click here to get a free quote and to learn more about the process.

Custom Cut-Outs

Conveyors are a basic cog in your machine and it's vital to keep that machine running smoothly. However, you also need to keep your personnel safe and stick to the OSHA guidelines - how can you combine all of that into a safe and efficient work environment? Answer: custom cut-outs. Your machine guard can have a hole cut out in the location you need to allow for your conveyor and products to easily move through.

Customized To Your Needs

So, let's say that you have a large robotic machine that is near a wall that needs easy accessibility for maintenance and forklifts. At WireCrafters, we really can customize your machine guard to fit your needs, it doesn't matter if you have an odd shape, strict personnel access, easy maintenance access, or need access points for forklifts added, we can assist you throughout the whole process to create a custom but safe work environment that meets your strict standards, as well as OSHA's. Learn more about OSHA's strict specifications with this inspection fact sheet.

Ensure that your work environment is safe for your employees and equipment, but also meets your needs as a business. Check out our website for more information about machine guarding or contact us and we can have a local dealer in your area help define your machine guarding demands.

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