7 Material Handling Safety Tips

Instill proper safety practices within an industrial company to ensure employee safety. To maintain industrial safety, educate every member of the most recent safety requirements. Safety compliance is a never-ending task and should not be a one-man job. We all know this. Below you will find 7 Material Handling Safety Tips.

Our products make it easier to manage equipment to create a safer working environment. In addition,our company as a whole helps organizations achieve greater safety. Especially in the industrial and manufacturing industries. We recently created free content all about this importance. You can use that here.

Our products help optimize industrial facilities to be faster, more efficient, and above all, safe. Industrial and manufacturing work has reported higher numbers of workplace injuries than other careers. In many ways, this makes sense considering the heavy equipment and expert machinery involved in the job. So, there's adequate reason to take precautions.

7 material handling safety tips

7 Material Handling Safety Tips

1. Conduct Regular Inspections Within the Workplace

Inspecting your environment on a weekly basis will uncover safety risks that you might have overlooked during your daily workflow.

2. Report/Address any Unsafe Working Conditions you Notice

To keep everyone in the workplace accountable, you should inform your employees to alert someone if they notice something unusual in the facility. For example, if an employee gets injured while on the job, seek immediate medical assistance and execute proper protocols.

3. Require Training for New Hires and Ongoing Safety Training for Others

When employees are first hired, it is important for their safety to give them proper training from the beginning. As a result, this will ensure safe practices throughout their time with your company and prevent future accidents.

For existing employees, it is pertinent to keep them up to date on federal and state regulations when working with industrial equipment. So, ongoing safety training will always benefit your company as a whole.

 4. Provide Proper Protective Gear/Equipment

Hardhats, gloves, masks, goggles, bright and flame-resistant clothing are all examples of protective personal gear that employees may require.

5. Keep all Hallways, Aisles, and Exits Clear

In the case of an emergency, keeping the office, stairways, and doors free of clutter will allow people to leave the building in a safe and timely manner.

6. Store Flammable Liquids in Safe Areas/all Other Materials in Appropriate Places

Flammable liquids are fire hazards and should be kept in cool places away from contact with an open flame. Of course, keeping all other products in your building stored in their proper place will keep everyone safe. A key to preventing fires is to promote a substance-free work environment.

7. Promote an Emergency Action Plan

Keeping your employees informed of emergency protocols will make them feel safer.

These safety tips will keep your employees, machinery, equipment, and your company safer and better protected. Accordingly, feeling safe in your workplace will yield higher productivity and even employee retention. Some safety products we recommend are wet floor signs, caution tape, bright cones/ work zone signage, and a first aid kit. Also, these tools are easy to use.

Dangerous situations can happen at any time and without warning. So, if you're a leader in your business, your main concern is to keep your staff and building contents safe and in excellent working condition. To do so, always practice effective safety habits and make sure your employees follow your example. WireCrafters can assist you in finding the right safety products to fit the needs of your company.

There you have it, 7 material handling safety tips to help in your facility. Finally, to learn more about how to protect your business within the industrial world, contact us here.

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