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This week, Milt discusses some of the industrial safety products that we offer. In this video, he talks about our RackBack® safety panels, our Machine Guarding, our GuardRail, and our Driver Access Cages. Watch the episode below or read to learn more.

RackBack® Safety Panels

Welcome to another episode of Mondays With Milt Now today our focus is on safety. I go into a lot of facilities with my distributors from all over the country. And the subject always comes up about safety. Behind me, you'll see the RackBack® product that we have. And the reason we have it here. is we will have fork trucks loading things onto the pallet rack But this is an aisle way for people to work and walk through here. We don't want anyone pushing a pallet all the way through onto somebody walking by. So we put the RackBack® panels up to keep things contained on the pallet rack. Let me show you a couple of other areas where we talk about safety in our plant.

Machine Guarding

This is where we weld our panels. So we have robots that are welding panels together. We've got our wire partition up with weld curtains So that no one can walk into an active area where the robot is working. We've also got our GuardRail here and that keeps the fork truck traffic from running into an active area. So we've got weld curtains on the wire partition and this is really good for safety to keep our personnel from walking into an active machine.

Driver Access Cage

And the last safety feature I wanna show you is our Driver Cage. So we have drivers that come in from the outside into this door. And typically this door is going to be shut. So those guys can't roam around on an active shipping dock. It's a real hazard. It's an insurance claim waiting to happen. So this is a great Drivers Cage to keep everyone safe, keep people off an active dock. We've got a service window here. So that they can sign their paperwork. And if the employees need to get out quickly, we've got this push bar. They can hit it, open the door and then go out the outside door.


So that's all we got this week. It's safety. Think about it. Keep everybody safe in your facility. And we'll see you next week on another episode of Mondays With Milt.

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Mondays With Milt is a weekly series hosted by our Company President, Milt Tandy. Milt travels to different areas of the shop, his home, and occasionally out of state. He brings fun and a lot of product knowledge! Subscribe to our YouTube channel or follow us on our other social media channels to see more of Milt!

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