Automation & Safety Equipment in Food Packaging

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Dealer: White Horse Safety, Inc.

Product: Machine Guarding

This is an example of our product in action at a food packaging organization where robotic arms are used to stack packaging products as they come off the production line. 

Problem and Solution

Their organization was in need of a better system to safeguard its employees from this area where robotics are in use.

These automation practices save significant cost and increase output for this food packaging organization, which is why it is a critical part of their manufacturing process, however, guarding is also necessary to protect every individual in the facility. Therefore, they wanted to invest in enhanced safety measures and equipment too.

automation safety

Why Choose WireCrafters?

The RapidGuard II, a newer product from WireCrafters, offers easy installation, integration with interlocks, and customizability. This allowed the manufacturer to continue automating their process safely and comfortably while ensuring the safety of their people. They were also able to put their new machine guards to use quickly and easily. 

They were so pleased with this equipment and process of implementation that they plan to purchase 10 times more guarding as they continue to outfit this plant with more automated production equipment. A special thanks goes out to White Horse Safety for connecting this organization to the WireCrafters product line. 

If you are in a similar industry or need better safeguarding for your employees, please consider this product in your own facility. Get a free quote here!

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