Warehouse Safety Topics: 5 Places You Can Find WireCrafters Products

Below, you will read some of our suggestions for warehouse safety topics.

1. Manufacturing and Distribution Facilities

Manufacturing and Distribution facilities have many areas where there are high risks of injury. You are responsible for keeping your workers and equipment safe, and without proper safety equipment, you open up your facility to the potential of injury.

When you first walk into a facility, you walk through a door. This door can lead to an active aisle way. One way to keep people from wandering into the path of a forklift or other moving equipment is to install a WireCrafters Driver Cage. Now, when a visitor walks into your facility, they can’t walk into the pathway of an oncoming forklift, saving them from a potentially life-threatening injury.

Although this seems like it might be dangerous to keep a cage around a door, driver cages make it easy for employees to exit the building in case of an emergency. Equip your driver cage with a push bar door. This allows employees to make a safe and easy exit if need be. Plus, the push bar is not accessible from inside the cage, so no one can reach their fingers through and walk around your facility. Learn more about Driver cages by clicking here.

Another product that will make your facility safer is our RackBack Pallet Rack Panels. Inventory is being moved to and from shelves constantly, which means the potential for product falling from the shelves is high. WireCrafters RackBack bolts directly to your existing pallet rack. Now, when a product is pushed too far on a shelf, it will be stopped by our RackBack, protecting workers below.

Driver Cages and RackBack are just two of our solutions to safety issues in a facility. To see our full selection of products, click here.

2. Data Centers

Security is important for any facility, especially one protecting so much user data. Use WireCrafters wire partition. We understand the need for security, and we understand that servers can get warm. There’s no need to worry about your systems overheating with WireCrafters Data Center Cages. Made from our wire partition, your servers will be able to breathe without compromising security. WireCrafters Server Cage partition panels easily bolt together and are shipped already sized. No cutting or grinding is required, so there is no worry about debris infiltrating the air during server cage installation in an operating facility. All necessary hardware is included with your order.

Keep your data safe and read more about our cage systems here.


3. Drug and Pharmaceutical Operations

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is specific in their requirements for the storage of controlled substances. Our DEA cages systems meet all of these requirements, from being mounted to the floor to having all the hardware only accessible from the inside of the cage. If your facility is a storage building for controlled substances, read more about our DEA cages here.


4. Correctional and Detention Centers

When someone needs to be kept locked up temporarily, WireCrafters wire partition systems can be used for Holding Cells. Inside the cage can be equipped with a steel bench with a handcuff rail attachment. To keep the cage secure, it is installed inside out. This means, whoever is inside the cage, cannot unscrew it from the inside and get out. Take a look at the inside of one of our holding cells here.


5. Apartment Buildings and Condominiums

One place you may be surprised to find our product is in apartment buildings and condominiums. But our wire partition systems make secure storage units for tenants. When new tenants move in, they bring stuff with them. Stuff that may not all fit in their new living quarters. Most of the time, these people find a local storage unit to keep all their extra items. But, if their apartment building offers storage for a small fee each month, they will have easy access to their belongings without losing peace of mind. Putting in storage lockers for tenants is a great way to make your apartments more secure, and with a small fee each month for storage, they’ll pay for themselves quickly.

Another WireCrafters product you will find here is our bike racks, especially in the city. If most of your tenants’ bike to and from work, they need a secure and organized way to store their bikes. Our bike storage racks do exactly that. Bikes can be secured in our Bike Stackers or our Wall Riders, depending on your preference. See more about them here.


Our Product is Everywhere

WireCrafters is in so many places. You just have to look. If you’ve seen our product near you, take a picture and send it our way!

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5 Places You Can Find WireCrafters Wire Mesh Partitions

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