Tunnel Doors for Machine & Robot Guarding Cells

Tunnel Doors Allow Easy Forklift Access

Most work cells going around robotic machinery and other active equipment are made up of wire partition panels with hinged doors. A typical physical barrier or machine guard system is approximately six foot high. Many guarding applications require a forklift (or fork truck) to move sizable equipment or product in and out of these work cells. Tunnel doors are the perfect solution.

Perfect for Extra Wide and Extra Tall Parts

WireCrafters manufactures sliding tunnel doors up to 15'-0" wide that slide to the side without an overhead track - perfect for forklift traffic! If your production area requires either extra wide or extra tall products to be accessible within robotic welding cells, WireCrafters' tunnel door is the perfect solution!

Tunnel doors have a clear, unobstructed opening when the door is in the open position. The machine guard tunnel door rides on a caster assembly that makes it extremely easy to the slide the door open and close. Once the door is open there are no obstructions on the floor or overhead, so moving large equipment is no longer a hassle. Doors can be configured as a "single-slide," where the single door slides in one direction or the other, or as "bi-parting" where two doors slide away from the center.

Tunnel Door Latches & Locks

There are several latch and lock options that can be utilized on sliding tunnel doors. The most common latch mechanism we provide has a twist knob on the outside and a recessed turn knob on the inside. WireCrafters can also substitute a large round door knob on both the inside and outside of the door.

For lock options, we can provide a safety interlock that is wired to your robot or machine that will shut off the equipment when the door is opened. Alternatively, if you have your own interlock, we can prep the door to accept your interlock. We also have a basic built in mortise key lock.

Why Choose WireCrafters Machine Guarding?

WireCrafters is one of the largest manufacturers of wire partitions for machine guarding systems in the United States. We currently go to market with both woven and welded wire partitions for machine guards through several different outlets. WireCrafters supports a large group of international material handling distributors working with end-users to enclose existing robots and other active machines to keep facilities safe. We also work with both System Integrators and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) accounts who provide robot guarding on the front end when the machinery first goes into place.

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