WireCrafters Is The Only Machine Guarding System for CMD

Project: Custom Metal Designs (CMD) - Clermont, FL
Dealer: Craft Equipment/Miner Corporation - http://www.craftequip.com/

Local Dealer Provides Outstanding Hands-On Service
WireCrafters Is The Only Machine Guarding System for CMD - Clermont, FL

Custom Metal Designs prefers WireCrafters for machine guarding because of the quality of the product. One of our Florida distributors, Craft Equipment/Miner Corporation, quickly assisted CMD with finding the right machine guarding system, locks, and location to suit their needs, all while providing outstanding customer service and helpful insights.

CMD has machines that need to be guarded and compliant with OSHA standards while still allowing easy access and flow within the facility for forklifts, personnel, and other equipment. Due to safety concerns, it was vital that these partitions did not allow sparks or welding materials to get outside of their designed areas. WireCrafters' Robotic Machine Guard is designed to OSHA standards for personal safety protection from rotating machinery. The system was designed with E-Stop access interlocks in full compliance. The system easily integrated with the plant's needs, current systems, and requirements - which was an integral part of this project.

Why WireCrafters
WireCrafters provides the highest quality of robust wire mesh panels coupled with a group of highly motivated professionals who seamlessly tackle any project no matter the complexity. Furthermore, with their ability to create customized, but compliant machine guarding systems, there is little competition. WireCrafters is the only choice for safety and security needs.

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