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Industrial GuardRail: Protect People, Machinery & Property

We'd love for you to ask yourselves, "What am I doing to protect my workshop from injury?" Are you prioritizing your preventative measures? A lot of our products can help businesses with this, whether it's reducing theft through our durable storage lockers or taking care of your equipment and workforce with the use of protective railing. Today we want to focus on GuardRails and why they are absolutely necessary for a workshop. Simply put – GuardRails can save lives and prevent damage to your equipment. We guarantee this benefit to anyone who uses our GuardRail system.

OSHA Compliance Using Industrial GuardRail

This is our first and most important piece of evidence. They are necessary because it's the law. OSHA regulations require railing around every floor hole into which an individual could walk. GuardRails are supposed to be around elevated open-sided platforms, floors, or runways. It's also required in any case where a worker could fall into or onto dangerous machines or equipment, no matter the height. Toe-boards can sometimes be used in place of GuardRails. However, GuardRail is more visible and provides a larger perimeter of fall protection.

GuardRails do more than prevent falls for workers. They are a warning signal for people. That's one reason we make them in bright colors. When a worker is focused on a certain task, a bright-colored, large rail can help make them aware of equipment near them. If it's a big enough rail, it can make it pretty much impossible for them to run into a piece of equipment, unknowingly, because they would run into the rail first. A clear walkway or aisle way can be made by using GuardRails, too.

Guards that provide a physical barrier around every side of a dangerous machine part are also required by OSHA to prevent employee contact with them.

Protect Your Equipment and Save Money

As the old saying goes, stuff can be replaced but people are priceless. That's why the value of GuardRails for preventing death or injury cannot be overstated.

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But the heavy machinery in your workshop is very valuable to your business, too – often extremely expensive. The bigger the machine the higher the price tag, probably! And it might not be easy to replace. That's why it is also important to protect your equipment. It can save you money.

Many facilities experience accidents between a mobile machine, like a forklift, and other industrial equipment like a screw conveyor. An accident like that could mean a very high bill for repairs and weeks of waiting on those repairs which halts productivity. This can be easily avoided with effective GuardRail systems.


We're pretty sure we don't have to convince you of these statements we've made. You've probably heard it all before. But it's good to be reminded of potential problems as well as the legal requirements so that we all stay vigilant.

If you are a business who isn't using GuardRails around certain machinery or for walkways, we recommend you do so right away. It's just common sense.

One reason you should choose our GuardRail systems, though, is because our design has been thoroughly tested. They are proven to withstand the impact of a 10,000 pound load moving at 4 miles per hour. That's even greater than what OSHA requires. They are definitely a strong barrier around an aisle way or in front of critical equipment.

Another reason our GuardRails stand out is that they are easy to assemble and install. We provide everything you need. We offer several options, too, so that you have a product that fits your needs. You can take a look at our GuardRails or talk with us more about them here.

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