Wire Partitions Protect Business & Prevent Theft [Case Study]

Wire Partition Systems for Security

Fastenal Company has over 2,000 stores throughout the United States. Their stores are equipped with an inventory of power tools and other expensive hardware items to keep manufacturing and warehouse distribution centers ready for business.

Unfortunately, these stores are sometimes targeted by thieves because of the valuable inventory they keep on hand. Recently, one particular store on the outskirts of Louisville, KY was targeted several times. Because Fastenal sells WireCrafters wire partition systems to their own customers, they decided to put the product to work for themselves.

Wire Partitions Used to Secure Inventory & Prevent Theft

Fastenal contacted their local WireCrafters representative and asked for suggestions on how to deter the vandals from trying to break into the store. After careful consideration, it was determined that installing a Style 840 Wire Partition wall across the inside of the front picture window of the store and a wire mesh door just inside the front entrance would keep the inventory safe from thieves.

Fastenal took measurements and WireCrafters manufactured a secure inventory partition system that integrated perfectly into their existing facility. The wire partition security system looks great, and most importantly, works. The partitions have a heavy duty industrial look, which relates directly to the products Fastenal sells. Customers visiting the store see the security partitions in action and take note of how WireCrafters can help them secure and protect their facility. The wire partition panels have now become the backbone product for tool cribs, maintenance cages, and other inventory control systems that customers may require.

Wire Partitions Are Quick and Simple to Install

When the wire partitions arrived at the facility, team members followed the step-by-step instructions provided and completed the wire mesh partition installation in less than a day. WireCrafters included a engineering CAD drawing which detailed all of the part numbers coinciding with the labels on the partition panels which in turn made the installation quick and simple. All of the hardware needed to construct the inventory protection system, including floor anchors, were included with the shipment. The wire partition panels, posts, and wire partition doors were all pre-drilled making assembly and installation a breeze.[/vc_column_text]

Wire Partition Panels Used on Store Windows and Doors for Security

Wire Partition Panels Deterred the Thieves

The industrial grade partition panels provided a strong, clean-looking finish, but did not make the store look like a "caged in" area. As you look into the store from the outside of the building, it is obvious that there is a line of security in place that would be difficult to penetrate. The secure wire mesh partition system is the deterrent needed to convince the thieves reconsider, and has been an effective means of security thus far.

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