Chemical Storage Cage | Case Study

chemical storage cage

Storing Chemicals and other Sensitive Materials

Thank you to Carolina Material Handling for this case study featuring our wire partition cage used for chemical storage.

When storing sensitive materials with limited access needs, our product does the job. In this case study, our end-user needed to close off and separate hydraulic fluids, oils, and chemicals.

Because of these highly sensitive materials, only certified employees needed to have access. To make sure these needs were met, we were charged to put up a wire partition system to keep the area secure. Only a single wall was needed to complete this task. From end to end, it stretched a full 36’, utilizing our 8’ - 5 ¼” high 840 wire partition. 

chemical storage cage
chemical storage cage

Access to the Application

For access into the application, we installed a 3’ wide swing door. A cylinder lock was added on the outside for security. To exit the area, the door was also equipped with a push bar door. The push bar is not accessible from outside the application. To allow forklifts in and out of the area, a 10’ wide sliding gate was installed. 

We added a unique option to this job. Because it is a single wall, we added 4” square foot-plates on the posts to keep the system sturdy. We also braced the end to the wall to keep it rigid.

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chemical storage cage
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