NAPA Distribution Warehouse Prevents Falling Inventory with Rackback Safety Panels

NAPA Prevents Falling Inventory with RackBack Safety Panels [Case Study]

Project: NAPA Distribution Center - Coppell, TX

Dealer: Leamon Storage Products - Waxahachie, TX

NAPA (National Automotive Parts Association) is a leader in the auto parts industry and well known across the United States with over 6,100 NAPA Auto Parts stores nationwide. The NAPA distribution center in Coppell, Texas supplies these stores with a wide variety of boat, truck and auto parts.

Falling Inventory Poses Danger to Employees Below

This large storage facility has very tall steel shelving for storing product inventory. A need for falling inventory protection became necessary because of the height of the warehouse shelving, the weight of the products being stored, and the nearby aisle ways used by the distribution center employees adjacent to the storage shelves.

RackBack Safety Panels on Backs of Warehouse Shelving to Prevent Items from Falling Into Employee Aisle WaysNAPA originally planned on attaching solid shelving back panels provided by the pallet rack shelving manufacturer. This would have left the distribution area dark, stuffy, and potentially secluded because of the top of the racks' proximity to the existing overhead lighting. With the help of Leamon Storage Products, a WireCrafters material handling dealer in Waxahachie, Texas, NAPA identified the challenges of solving this problem and worked out a creative solution using WireCrafters RackBack® Safety Panels to prevent stored inventory from falling off of the distribution center's shelving.

RackBack® Safety Panels Prove to be the Perfect Solution

Even though WireCrafters RackBack® Safety Panels are designed to attach to the back of pallet racks, their lightweight welded wire design also allow them to attach to the lighter frames of the shelving. This feature led Leamon, a wire partition dealer serving the Dallas, TX area, to recommend WireCrafters RackBack® Safety Panels to NAPA as the best possible safety solution to prevent stored items from falling into employee aisle ways.

RackBack Safety Panels Mounted on Steel Shelving to Prevent Falling InventoryNAPA liked the stability and durability of the fully welded frame, as well as the mesh being welded at every intersection, providing maximum rigidity. Four clips were provided per panel to securely mount the RackBack® panel into place, and the clips were compatible with the shelving manufacturer's uprights. The shelving rack backing panels still allowed NAPA employees to view the inventory while stored, and also allowed existing lighting and air to easily flow through the facility. Leamon's past experience with WireCrafters products made for a quick and easy installation.

RackBack® Pallet Rack Backing Safety Panels are Extremely Versatile

WireCrafters RackBack® Safety Panels are extremely versatile and can be used in many different safety and storage applications. The panels were a perfect fit for this application, providing NAPA a safer facility without compromising the existing lighting and air flow throughout the facility. When you need wire partitions in Dallas, TX let WireCrafters help with your next project - we even offer free design and layout assistance!

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