Visibility and Security for a County Jail | Case Study

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Reliable Products that Meet Regulations

When a company looks for added security and secure posts in its facility, WireCrafters is the name that comes up. This is exactly what happened with a county jail and one of our dealers, Lynch Material Handling. Jeremy Sarno, a team member at Lynch told this jail about the security features of our product.  This is because of our heavy-duty construction. Our products are reliable and rock-solid once in place. 


Dealer Name: Lynch Material Handling

Customer (End User): County Jail

Product Purchased from WireCrafters: Other


Now, there were a couple of goals for this project. First, they needed to separate the inmates in their sub-day room. Second, airflow and an open line of sight were required. These are important for many reasons. The airflow keeps temperature levels down and line of sight keeps inmates in sight at all times. Third, they also needed a system that prevents the passing of contraband from one side to the other. You see why this would be important in a jailhouse.

Tamper-Proof Hardware

Using our 1/2" polycarbonate, perforated steel panels, tamper-proof hardware, pick proof caulk, and a local steel fabricator, the jail accomplished all their goals. Check out some of the pictures from the job below. In the pictures, you see that the hardware is installed on the outside of the system. This is what we mean when we call it tamper-proof. All the hardware is only accessible to those that are not contained. That way, no inmates can unscrew parts of the panels and escape. The base of the system is also flush to the floor. This is similar to our DEA cage systems. This prevents anyone from tampering with the system from below.

secure posts
secure posts jail house
secure posts
perforated steel panels

Reasons to Choose WireCrafters

Lynch and the jail chose our product because of our modular and flexible design. They also praised our exceptional customer support in a custom application. Our custom capabilities are one of the highest praises from our dealers and end-users. Mike Rowe, another team member from Lynch can be seen in one of our promotional videos. We appreciate the opportunity to support this customer, collaborate, and apply our product in yet another unique way. Check out Lynch Material Handling on Facebook to learn more about this awesome dealer.


We put a lot of thought into all of our products, and this is one of the many case studies that prove it. Our inside sales team takes great care to meet your custom needs. They then send the job to our warehouse, where our dedicated group of workers makes sure that every panel is the correct length and color and shipped out on time.

To see the details on our secure posts and other products by WireCrafters, visit here. They can be used in a variety of ways to protect your business and improve your operations.

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