Why Choose Wire Mesh Partitions Instead of Solid Partitions?

Today, there are many options in products used for the safety, security, and arrangement of space in a workplace. We are happy to offer many options from our own product line to customers. We love providing customized and integrative options, too. But having options can make it harder to make a decision! So, we want to share with you the benefits of choosing wire mesh partitions instead of our solid partitions. See if these factors apply to you and your business.

All of our partition options offer the sturdy panels used for modular walls or enclosures. However, our wire mesh partitions have unique characteristics.

Here are the Benefits of Choosing Wire Mesh Partitions over Solid Sheet Metal Partitions

  1. You can see through the panels. 

Depending on your work environment, it may be very important to see what other co-workers are doing in order to easily interact with them. Wire mesh partitions offer greater visibility throughout the workspace. It may also be important to see the contents inside of a cage made up of our partitions.

  1. Ventilation

Wire mesh partitions provide better airflow. This is important depending on what is stored near the partitions or who works near them. Indoor temperature is important to achieve the desired comfort level for people in the workplace. If products or materials will be stored within enclosed partitions, with wire mesh you don't have to worry about the enclosed space getting too hot or too cold as long as you maintain the temperature of your facility as a whole.

solid sheet metal partitions
  1. If you need a ceiling for your partitions, you don't have to modify overhead lighting or sprinklers.

You may choose to have a top panel that acts as a ceiling to your wire partitions. This makes the space or enclosure even more secure. If you used welded sheet metal for this top panel it would affect the lighting tremendously. This would also affect the efficiency of your sprinkler system used for fire safety. Wire mesh panels help you avoid these problems.

  1. They're cost-effective

Simply put, wire mesh partitions use less material than a solid sheet metal partition. This will almost always mean a lower price point.
What do you think of these benefits? There are benefits to solid partitions, too. But we'll save that for another day. If you're already sold on wired mesh partitions, your next choice is whether you want woven wire or welded wire. See the difference here!

Choosing the Best Product for You

Sometimes a regulation determines your product choice. You may use certain products in your business in order to maintain compliance. We are fairly adept providing products that align with government regulations and requirements. See our DEA Drug Storage Cages for an example. We'd be happy to help you obtain exactly what you need.

Other times you can decide on a product based on your personal preferences, the dimensions of your workspace, it's overall design, the needs of your work environment and workforce, as well as many other reasons. Don't let the choices overwhelm you. Have some fun! Consider the factors we just mentioned –how it affects you and your business– and if you'd like a sounding board, we'd be happy to talk with you!

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