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Using Solid Sheet Metal Partitions for Welding Cells

When you think of WireCrafters, wire mesh comes to mind. But, we also have many other products people don't always think about. One of which is the use of our solid sheet metal partitions for building welding cells. In this episode, Milt Tandy discusses the 30 weld cells we have in our facility.

A couple of years ago, we completed a building expansion to add more weld cells into the facility. We were fortunate enough to have someone with a drone come in a film the process. You'll see some of those amazing shots of the weld cells in this episode of Mondays With Milt.

Solid partitions are the perfect solution to keep welders safe. Having a solid surface between cells keeps the flash down for others nearby. With the use of weld curtains at the entrance, these weld cells become even safer. Visitors and other workers should not have to worry about glancing over and seeing a flash without proper eye protection.

To learn more about solid sheet metal partitions, contact us today!

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