Athletic Storage & Separation for Xavier University | Case Study

Athletic Storage Cage Xavier University

Most athletic programs have these things in common: a lot of athletic equipment, and weight rooms. This is no different for Xavier University in Ohio. Their new athletic building had a lot of storage and separation needs. In one large area, they have a small turf practice football field. Next to that is the weight room, with a baseball batting cage above that. Below, you can see pictures of the two applications that they used to solve these needs.

Dealer: Security Fence, Co.

End-User: Xavier University

Product: Wire Partition

Athletic Storage Cage Xavier University
Athletic Storage Cage Xavier University

Wire Partitions Meet Separation Needs

One of the biggest rooms in this athletic facility contains a small practice football field, a weight room, and baseball batting cages. These three areas needed to be separated. The batting cages were above the weight room, so they needed something that would extend up there. Because of this, Xavier requested a  wire partition wall. In the wide shot, you can see how the weight room is on the ground floor, and the wall extended above the second floor to the roof, protecting the batting cages as well. That's about 30 feet in height! It also extends the length of the floor at almost 80 feet!

On each side of the wall, are two slide doors for access. Both doors have a keyed lock to keep the weight room secure. Also, to match other aesthetics in the building, they utilized our expanded metal mesh. David Fishburn, the WireCrafters Marketing Manager, goes into more detail in the video below.

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Athletic Storage Cage

To keep sports equipment secure and organized, Xavier utilized our storage cages. Without these cages, all the equipment would be unorganized. Our cage systems keep sports separated. In addition, each cage comes with a WireCrafters keyed lock. Those can, of course, be swapped out for a custom lock if desired. To hear more about these cages, watch the video above.

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Athletic Storage Cages Xavier University
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