A Storage Locker for a Pizza Restaurant | Case Study

The Use of Storage Lockers and Cages

WireCrafters' storage lockers and cages are extremely effective in separating, organizing, and securing products and inventory. Although they are commonly used by technicians in manufacturing or tenants for property management, this equipment has been extremely helpful for many other industries too, such as retail stores, wine storage, and more! Below, we've shared an example of the impact this equipment had on restaurant storage for a pizzeria in none other than Chicago!

Dealer Name: CSI Materials Handling
Customer (End User): Pizzeria Portofino - Chicago, IL
Product Purchased from WireCrafters: Storage Cages

restaurant storage system

Problem & Solution

Pizzeria Portofino experienced space limitations and unique storage needs for certain food types, not to mention the many FDA regulations they must meet. WireCrafters storage lockers were customized so that the restaurant could separate their products into 2 sections with a center partition and 2 separate doors. One side would store dry foods and the other side for storing liquor. Adjustable panels were also used for this product in order to meet their important deadlines and so that small variables could be made within the plan. The final result was a clean, efficient, and effective way to store and secure the restaurant's food inventory.

Why Choose WireCrafters?

At WireCrafters, we have a passion for making projects like this one as simple and effective as possible. We also love supporting local restaurants so we're happy to know our product will benefit a restaurant in this way. According to the dealer that connected us with this restaurant, Matt Bielle, our products and team offer solutions you can count on. We believe that the fine details set us apart and can make the difference in your experience of a solution or system within your organization.

"Their sales team is a group of exceptional people who REALLY know their product," Matt said. "You bring them your project. Give them the details, even the boring ones that you may think are irrelevant. Tell them you're storing liquor, or that you're not sure of certain dimensions. They take everything you tell them into account and do a wonderful job of making suggestions to provide you and the end-user with the very best solution each and every time."

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