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Tenant Storage Lockers are the perfect solution in storing your tenants' belongings. Learn more about these lockers by reading this case study.

Storage Lockers

Adequate storage is important for property owners and managers. This is especially true if there are tenants. Few residences exist today without it. In addition, storage should be secure and easy to use. This is why WireCrafters products were selected for properties in Rochester, Michigan. See how this choice benefited one of our Michigan dealers, the property management company, and its tenants.

Dealer Name: Shelving + Rack Systems - Walled Lake, MI

Customer (End User): Moceri Properties Blossom Ridge - Rochester, MI

Product Purchased from WireCrafters: Tenant Storage Lockers

Problem and Solution

This residential community did not have the best set up for secure storage options for its tenants. However, they did have a space with potential. WireCrafters' lockers provided an organized system of storage units as well as controlled access for each tenant.

One of the residents even expressed their excitement about the new storage feature. Then they quickly filled and organized their locker with their belongings. Buying and installing these lockers allowed Moceri Properties Blossom Ridge greater customer satisfaction.

tenant storage lockers

Why Choose WireCrafters

The end user and dealer noted that WireCrafters tenant storage lockers were of much higher quality than traditional fencing. They were easy for both property managers and tenants to install and operate. Also, they found them to be more aesthetically pleasing than other types of storage products.

Moceri Properties Blossom Ridge purchased and installed 95 storage lockers total. We were proud to support this project. If you are a property manager or in another role that requires improved storage solutions, see if our product options could benefit you.

tenant storage lockers
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