Polycarbonate Employee Separation Panel

To help keep your employees safe in the coming months and years, we have created a new polycarbonate employee separation panel. The design allows your workers that are required to be within six feet of one another to have peace of mind. With this 1/8" thick piece of polycarbonate between them, they know they'll be safe. See the video below of our National Sales Manager, Aaron Eubank, showing off our two designs.

Separation Panel Specs

WireCrafters Polycarbonate Employee Separation Panel

1 ¼ x 1 ¼ x ⅛ Welded Angle Frame

6' - 6" High with 4' x 3' clear polycarbonate window

2" SQ #14 Gauge Base with optional casters

Heavy-Duty Specs

WireCrafters Polycarbonate Employee Heavy Duty Separation Panel

1 ¼ x 1 ¼ x ⅛ Welded Angle Frame

4' x 6' clear polycarbonate window

2" SQ #14 Gauge Post Supports with casters

3S Mentality

Our products focus on 3 words that begin with S. The first is safety. The second is security. The third S and the one this product focuses on is separation. However, by utilizing these polycarbonate separation panels, you can also make sure your employees are safe and feel secure. If you have employees that are required to working within 6 feet on each other, you owe it to them to make their workspace as safe as possible. With these panels, keep them separate without slowing down their workflow. Request your free quote by clicking the banner down below.

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