Machine Guarding for Production Line Safety | Case Study

Machine Guarding Systems from WireCrafters are a simple, effective way to achieve production line safety, by protecting personnel from the dangers of automated equipment. These barriers are a strong and economical solution to meet your company's many safety needs. Here's a recent example of a common way our machine guarding is utilized by a manufacturing company.


Dealer Name: Eastern Lift Truck

Customer (End User): IKO https://www.ikont.com/

Product Purchased from WireCrafters: Machine Guarding

wirecrafters machine guarding production line safety

Machine Guarding Systems

Our Machine Guarding protects employees around machinery by keeping them at a safe distance. It also doubles as a safety net by containing malfunctioning machinery and equipment. This is because welded and woven wire mesh is extremely resilient and is virtually maintenance-free. It eases operations and increases your plant's productivity. Additionally, the versatility of this system allows for easy integration of access doors or other openings with system controls.

Product and Solution

IKO International is a manufacturer of needle bearings, linear motion rolling guides, and other machine components. IKO was in need of machine guarding to increase safety around their production lines. Through our dealer, Eastern Lift Truck, we provided IKO with the proper machine guarding systems for their plant. They wanted an increase in safety measures to improve the employee workplace experience and the use of the machinery. We used 6' machine guarding with interlocked doors to achieve their goal.

wirecrafters machine guarding production line safety
wirecrafters machine guarding production line safety
wirecrafters machine guarding production line safety
wirecrafters machine guarding production line safety

Why Choose WireCrafters?

When asked why IKO chose to use WireCrafters to meet their equipment needs, they attributed it to a variety of aspects. No matter the facility, they deem our machine guard materials to be easy-to-install with a flexible equipment setup. In addition, they were looking for a quality product that would fit their specific needs. We were honored to be able to accommodate this. We look forward to assisting them with any of their future safety, security, and product storage needs.

If your company is in need of any machine guarding systems or similar solutions, we want to hear from you! Let us know what you're looking for.

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