Effective Storage Improves Profitability of Cannabis Businesses

Cannabis is a highly specialized product that often requires specialized storage and containment techniques. On top of that, there are many regulations unique to the industry. Plus, with an increase in business within the cannabis industry comes an increase in theft. Effective storage can both help prevent theft and protect the quality of goods. This, in turn, improves the profitability of cannabis businesses.

Why Storage is Important to Cannabis Inventory

With inventory for any business, it’s important to optimize storage methods in order to manage as much inventory as possible and do it effectively. Safe and secure storage is also necessary to protect from damage or theft.

In the cannabis industry, in particular, the cost of a single unit of inventory is higher than what many other product warehouses are storing. So the values of safety and security are doubly important. The industry experiences a fairly high rate of burglary or robbery so extra security measures should also be taken.

Damaged or stolen products always hurt revenue for businesses in this industry, no matter what phase it’s in. From farm to warehouse to retail, security is not only essential to these businesses but legally required.

There are a plethora of regulations related to the cultivation, storage, and distribution of cannabis, including access to inventory. Having physical security in place, as well as a surveillance system, can protect the product and profitability and also help businesses uphold the law. This is where our wire partitions have played a role in this industry.

Above, there are three safety uses for wire partitions. Another priority of businesses is to keep inventory secure. Wire partition is the perfect solution for this. Three security products built using wire partitions are Document Storage Cages, Server Cages, and Storage Lockers. Let’s start with document storage.

Cannabis Storage at Different Stages

Storage requirements can be broken down even further in the cannabis industry. This is because different stages of the product require various methods of storage or protection. Oils, for example, require careful handling, while cannabis leaves require a storage method that maintains light and air.

Our cages can be used throughout this process, from plants to packaging to the product on its way to a storefront shelf. Don't forget that our cages can be designed with entry and lock options.

Recently, the need to keep marijuana leaves placed carefully led cannabis farms to choose WireCrafters' cages to store their plants. This was because the leaves can be hung on our woven wires and organized in a way that the plants avoid damage and still get air and light.

If you’re not very familiar with our woven, mesh design, or other product details like that for our storage cages, take a look at the full catalog. It’s a great next step to determine how you might use this equipment for your own business.

Improved Storage, Improved Profitability

Our cages are always tailored to fit the needs of businesses. Varying sizes of woven mesh, multiple kinds of locks and doors, and other customizations can be utilized to protect a variety of lucrative products. This helps maintain quality and integrity while decreasing the risk of theft. Ultimately, these outcomes contribute to profitability.

We believe it’s all the more important for cannabis businesses to use the best products for storage and overall business security, and to find solutions that are customized to them. As the cannabis industry continues to grow, it’s more important than ever to make sure these businesses– and their profitability– are protected. WireCrafters can offer you reliable solutions for this goal. Our equipment has already proven to be a resource for several cannabis businesses and their inventory. If you’d like to learn more about how we fulfill this, talk to us about a customized quote for your business.

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