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We trust our WireCrafters products. That is why we have them installed all over our facility. When walking through our warehouse, you will see our RackBack®, Machine Guarding, Driver Access Cages, Document Storage, GuardRail, and much more! Milt walks through three of these products in this episode of Mondays With Milt.

He starts off at the RackBack® leading into our sales office. This application is there to keep items in our parts cage from being pushed onto people walking by. So when our sales staff leaves the building and walks out into the warehouse, they know they are safe from falling items.

The second product Milt covers in the GuardRail in front of our bathrooms. An active forklift aisleway sits just outside the bathrooms which posed a risk for people exiting. The GuardRail prevents them from walking into the path of a forklift, keeping them safe.

Finally, Milt discusses our RapidGuard® II Machine Guarding around our wire spools. This guarding prevents employees from being injured by the spinning spools of wire.

These are just three instances of our products in use at our facility on Strawberry Lane. to learn more about our products, click the banner down below.

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