WireCrafters 2019 Year in Review

At the end of the 2018 WireCrafters Year in Review video, we said: “Let’s see what we can do in 2019”. Looking back on this year, we have done a lot. We started the year off with the completion of our new building expansion. If you never watched the timelapse for that, go ahead and click here! We also took a trip to ProMat in Chicago, held our first WireCrafters Marketing Summit, launched a brand new website, and upgraded our shop and sales department. 

Year in Review: Our Finished Expansion

On Aprill 22, our first welders started working in the expansion that we started in May of 2018. We finished a little later than originally planned because we had 103 days of rain delay! But, once finished, we added on an extra 26,325 square feet. Here are some additional fun facts about the expansion.

  • 82 tons of steel used.
  • 2,300 tons of fill dirt and rock used for the foundation.
  • 700 yards of concrete poured.
  • 34 Holes (30 in x 16 ft) Drilled for I-Beams/Caissons.
  • LED Lighting with Motion Sensors installed for Energy Conservation.
  • 8 Exhaust Fans and 3 Make-up Air Units with Windows for Natural Light installed.

If you didn’t click the timelapse above, you can watch it below. 

WireCrafters Marketing Summit

We hosted our very first Marketing Summit in February of 2019. We invited the marketing teams from some of our top dealers and talked marketing strategies for two days. This included a keynote address from Jason Falls, a local Marketing Keynote Speaker. Along with Jason, The Marketing Squad, a Louisville Marketing Company came a spoke about social media use in your business. The Summit was extremely successful and we have another planned in April of 2020. 

WireCrafters year in review marketing summit
WireCrafters year in review marketing summit

A New Website this Year

About halfway through the year, we launched our new website design

As you can see, it was a major undertaking by our Marketing Manager, David Fishburn. Along with the new website, we started to update our catalog of product photos and videos. We noticed some of our pictures were outdated compared to the new design. The new pictures needed to be higher quality and more on brand. So we will continue to update these photos as we continue into the new calendar year. 

The Big East Conference Room

Our drafting department found a new home in our 6210 building last year. They relocated to create space for a new conference room. This new conference room is equipped with top technology to make meetings more professional and efficient. Four large televisions make it possible to hold video conferences with our regional reps. They are also used to show videos and presentations to people present in the room. Watch the Mondays With Milt below to see Milt show off the new room. 

WireCrafters year in review big east conference room
WireCrafters year in review big east conference room

Other Things We Did this Year

This year saw a lot of big accomplishments as well as some smaller things we added to the company. For example, whenever we bring dealers or other visitors in to visit, we give them a tour of the facility. This year, we added headsets for visitors to wear. This allows Rich Horn, our Vice President of Operations to speak at a normal volume and still be heard by everyone on the tour. 

We also reorganized our inside sales department. Each region we serve now has two dedicated sales reps that deal exclusively with those areas. This keeps communication simple between our dealers and our inside sales. 

Our shop has new machinery as well! To increase the output of our product, we purchased some new equipment! If you'd like to see the machinery, come take a tour. 

This year saw the one-hundredth episode of Mondays With Milt. When David and Milt started this series, they didn't expect it to take off as it did! Here we are, closing in on 150 episodes! If you have ideas you want to see on Mondays With Milt, send us a message here!

One of the biggest accomplishments this year was the number of employees with 30 plus years of service! At our annual company picnic, we honored all the employees for their years of service, starting from 5 years all the way up to 40 years. 

Overall we had an exceptional 2019. We busted sales goals, reached company milestones, and celebrated our employees! It's going to be a hard year to top, but that's always the goal. Here we come 2020!

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