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In the past few months, we have reorganized how the WireCrafters regional inside sales teams operate. We've broken regions of the country into two person teams. That way, our dealers and customers have a dedicated team they can always speak to. It helps keep communication within a few people, decreasing the likelihood of mistakes on orders. Milt and Aaron talk more about that this week on Mondays With Milt. Take a look below.

WireCrafters Regional Sales Episode Transcript

Welcome to another episode of Mondays with Milt. Now, today I'm here with Aaron Eubank, our National Sales Manager. And he's just going to give us a little rundown on how our sales team, inside, and outside, is structured.

Our Different Regions

Right. So we have four regions that our sales team is set up into. You have four Outside Regional Managers that cover the West Coast, the Midwest, the Southeast and the Northeast. And they are supported inside by a two person Inside Sales Team. Now I think, in the previous episodes, you have already met the Southeast girls, and then you've met Brian and Aaronn Ann that cover the West Coast for us. And so hopefully, in future episodes, you'll get to meet our other two sales, our other two sales team regions, which consist of four more people.

And, it's really worked out well, because when the regional managers are out there working with all of our distributors, they know exactly who to tell them to deal with on the inside.

It's been great, 'cause it's cut down a lotta confusion on working with multiple people on different projects. And you also get to really establish a rhythm with both your outside, and your inside sales team, so you know what each customer is looking for on each job.

The Northeast and Midwest

Alright, and here, in the next few episodes of Mondays with Milt we will bring on the Northeast and the Midwest regional guys will be appearing here very soon.

Great, I think they're excited about it.

Alright, well thank you very much.

Thank you.

All right, that's what we got this week, we'll see you next week on another episode of Mondays with Milt.

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