Southeast Region Inside Sales Team | Mondays With Milt 

This week on Mondays With Milt, Sandy and Nicole, our southeast region inside sales team talk to Milt. In this episode, they tell you which state they would most want to visit as well as what product they are looking to sell.

Southeast Region Inside Sales Team

- To buy a guardrail. Welcome to another episode of Mondays with Milt. Now today, I'm in the conference room here in the sales office, and I've got Sandy Asher and Nicole Beckett, and these two ladies, they take care of all the southeast regional distributors.

- Right.

- So, Sandy you've been here for how long now?

- 39 years.

- Wow. That is a long time. And Nicole?

- Um, only nine.

- Only nine. But that's still pretty good. Now if you could go visit any dealer, where would it be, and what time of year would it be?

- I would like to go in the winter time into like, Hilton Head or maybe Key West.

- Wherever we got some dealers in a warm territory.

- Exactly.

- Near the ocean.

- Yes.

- Miami.

- Nicole, you the same?

- I think Miami would be nice.

- Miami. Now we have dealers down there.

- Oh yeah.

- Okay.

- So give us a call and schedule something.

- So they can come down and see you all.

- Yes, we would love that.

- And the regional manager for your all's territory, is Garry Yuen. Been with us a couple years.

- He does a great job.

- All right, is there any particular product that you ladies need to push for those southeast customers, those southeast distributors?

- I think we can sell some more guardrail.

Inside Sales Says Buy Some GuardRail

- [Milt] More guardrail. So if you have things you don't want people to bump into, buy some guardrail. It's easy to quote, ships out very quickly. Comes in a few different sizes. All right, that sounds good. All right, well that's all we got this week. Nicole, Sandy, thank you for joining me. And we will see you next week on another episode of Mondays with Milt.

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