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Milt is out on the shop floor with Sales Manager, Aaron Eubank. They are discussing the Eight Sins of Waste you can find in your facility.

Eight Sins of Waste Episode Transcript

- Hey, and welcome to another episode of Mondays With Milt. Today, I'm with our sales manager, Aaron Eubank. Aaron, thank you for coming.

- Thanks for having me on.

- Now, today we're talking about the eight sins of waste. This is something that our production floor looks at everyday.

- Now, we kinda go by the acronym TIM P. WOOD. And that's the initials for all of these sins of waste. So, we'll start with the T.


- [Aaron] Transportation.

- That's moving stuff around too much. So, you're taking it from one place to another, when it could be sitting in one spot at all times.


- Absolutely, and we got inventory, over here.

- Making too much stuff, pretty much.


- There you go. Motion.

- Right here, unused motion. That could be an employee actually moving stuff from one to the other. So it fits in the transportation, a little bit. Or, having to turn all the way back here, to grab something to put it there, when they could have it right next to them.

Unused Potential

- Right, too much motion. All right, then we got P. Which would be potential.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah. The tricky one, cause it doesn't say potential up there. But, that's all the mind power that you got out here from your people that are doing it every day, and you're not asking them for tips on what they could do better.

- Okay, then we're looking at waste. Not waste, waiting.


- Waiting.

- [Milt] Waiting.

- That's a great example here. That is somebody here, like a welder, waiting to get his parts that he needs to do it, so he's sitting idle, when he could be producing things.


- And then we have over-production.

- Very similar to inventory. You're making too much and doing a little. Just spending too much time doing one or two things.


- And then, over-processing.

- Right here, that's kind of, driving the nail into something doing, when you could've done it with one or two motions, and you've done it with five or six. And given it to six or seven different people, when one person could've handled it.


- And the last one would be defects.

- And this would be what our end users see the most, would be if it made it all the way through our shop and out the door, and there was problem, and we had to take it back and fix it.

- But, our end users don't see that very often.

- No, cause we do internal errors here. So, we catch it before it gets out the door.

- That's pretty good. So, that is the eight sins of waste. We call it TIM P. WOOD. And maybe it's something, if you're not doing in your facility, you oughta check it out.

- For sure.

- So, that's all we have today. Mr. Eubank, thank you.

- Thank you very much.

- And we will see you next week, on another episode of Mondays with Milt.

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