National Chewing Gum Day | Mondays With Milt 

Milt decided to have a bubble blowing contest in the office in cleberation of this odd holiday.

National Chewing Gum Day Episode Transcript

- I've got to get the gum placed perfectly on my tongue. Welcome to another episode of Mondays With Milt. Now today, I don't know if you knew this, but today is National Chewing Gum Day.

- No way!

- Yes it is. And we've got a group here with us. WireCrafters best. We've got some Hubba Bubba bubblegum.

- Six feet of fun.

- It says six feet of fun.

- Says right there on the grain.

- All right, so we're gonna see how this goes, and who can blow the biggest bubble. Stand by. Well that kind of faded.

- [Women] Aw!

- Darn!

- Dang it.

- Now I can't stand chewing gum, so I'm gonna go with.

- [Man] Whoa!

- [Man] Oh my!

- Okay, we have our two judges. Could you two ladies step in please. We've got Nicole and Angie. And ladies, who would you say was the winner of the biggest bubble?

- Gotta go with Loni.

- She's been practicing for weeks to blow the biggest bubble.

- Her personality's quite bubbly.

- All right, so that's all we've got his week. We will see you next week on another episode of Mondays With Milt. So long.

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