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This week, we received the Most Valuable Supplier Award from MHEDA. Learn what that means and how we got it this week on Mondays With Milt.

Most Valuable Supplier

-Welcome to another episode of Mondays with Milt. Now today, gonna talk to you briefly about an award that WireCrafters just won. It's called the MVS, Most Valuable Supplier, given by the MHEDA organization, and MHEDA stands for Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association. This is the fifth year that they have given out this award, and only 4% of all the manufacturers, and there's hundreds of manufacturers in the organization, but only 4% have achieved this goal.

The Requirements

You have to be active within the material handling manufacturers group, and you've gotta be active with the distributor group as well. We've participated in continuing education, which is a requirement. We had to show that our company has a safety program, which we do quite well with. We had to show that we have a give back program. And if you've seen "Mondays with Milt," over the holidays we turned in nearly 300 gifts for the Toys for Tots. And then you've gotta get a recommendation from a distributor that's in the MHEDA organization that states that you are a quality supplier to them. So we're very excited to have it. I've got my pin on right here that states that we are MVS, I wear it proudly.


And being a part of MHEDA, has been a great organization. It opens the doors so that we can work closely with all the distributors out there. It's really been good for us and for all involved. That's what we go this week, we'll see you next week on another episode of "Mondays with Milt."

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