Our Top Social Media Posts Last Month and What We Can Learn

We did some reflecting on the top social media posts we've shared online this month – specifically on social media. We often encourage our team members, dealers, and peers to leverage social media to expand the reach of your work. So we wanted to share lessons we've learned from the social media posts that got the most engagement last month.

Ultimately, it's a reminder to us about the community that surrounds WireCrafters and what matters on social media. Maybe it will be a resource for you too.

A Heart (and Face) Behind Your Business

On Facebook, we shared a video of a team member who will be retiring. Larry's video garnered more than double our usual engagement. This kind of response happens for several reasons.

  • Other employees and friends of Larry are eager to respond because of their connection to Larry. This is a good reminder to mobilize your staff to engage with your social media posts on a regular basis. If they do this shortly after you post something new, it will boost the performance of that post in the algorithm of most social media platforms. You could accomplish this by tagging team members in your posts or asking them to update their settings so their own profiles are notified when your business publishes new content.
  • It's a human interest story. More people resonate with posts like this because it's a special occasion and an accomplishment for someone – 40 years with our company after all! We're personally impressed and grateful for Larry's service. We hope this post also shows that we're a great place to work and that our team members are absolutely awesome.
  • The post and video show a face. This has been a recommendation in social media for a long time. An image or video of a real person's face (so not a stock photo or a picture of an object like your desk or equipment) is almost guaranteed to get the attention of more people. Humans do business with humans!

We've seen a similarly high level of engagement from followers when we create custom images that include a team member's photo along with a quote from them. The quotes are their answers to questions such as "What's your favorite thing about working at WireCrafters?" We love that people love these posts the most because we think it shows "heart." Our employees truly are the heartbeat of our organization.

social media last month


A few days after a majority of people began social distancing, we knew we had to address such a nationwide message as we've been allowed to keep our facility open. So we confirmed that our business was open but we also hoped to convey trust that we were taking the situation seriously and modifying our practices accordingly.

We attached photos with this post showing our team members cleaning our space. Social media is a great source for sharing news announcements and PSA's. It also enhances your communication when you include images.

social media last month


Our coverage of our time at Modex, especially with videos and photo albums during the week of the event, seemed to interest our followers. We know trade shows have been canceled since then, but we think it's important to regularly show what your organization is up to.

Even if it just a behind-the-scenes look at a normal day on the job, it goes a long way by not only making clear what you do, but it brings energy to your brand. The public likes to see a variety of content. Your social media page can't just be filled with post after post of your product (although you should show that too!) We're sure there are a lot of people, places, and activities connected to your organization. Show that off, whether it's the set-up of your trade show display, an interview with a customer, or a birthday party for a team member.

social media last month

If you already follow us on social media, you know we were comical about sharing our Modex Booth number for weeks leading up to the event. Most of those methods of showing off the booth number also included people.

We got a lot of laughs and likes from this content. It's a good reminder that social media was made to be exactly that– social. So although we believe you can find leads and sell through social media, the first priority is to socialize through personal interactions (comments, likes, etc.) and story-telling (videos, articles, interviews, etc.) In fact, this is expected of most businesses in our culture today.

We feel the need to say that even if you share a video or blog post on social media that's more direct about your product or service, and even if it doesn't bring many likes and comments every time, that content can live on for months to come. Someone else may find that content long after you first posted it. It may answer the exact question they're asking or solve the problem they're facing, causing them to take a closer look at your business or even reach out directly. Just keep those doorways open by consistently sharing and connecting.

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