Wire Partition Examples and Uses

Working at a company that makes wire partition is hard to explain to some people, especially without using examples. I tell them that WireCrafters builds wire partition cages for companies to help with safety and security. Then I am always met with inquisitive looks. So, I decided to sit down and write out a post about how to use wire partitions and the products for which they are used. The first category of products I will talk about is safety products. Then I will talk about a couple of security products. Finally, I will discuss some custom options. So let’s dive right into some safety uses for wire partitions.

Driver Access Cage Wire Partition Examples

Safety should be the top priority of any workplace. In a factory environment, the possibility of injury is everywhere. This is why it is important to make sure the only people walking around the facility are people who understand the dangers. Use wire partition to create a product called a Driver Access Cage. These cages prevent people unfamiliar with your facility from walking around unsupervised. Now, this isn’t something that they are trapped in. They can still leave the building. They just can't wander aimlessly into the path of an oncoming forklift. Plus, there is a service window installed so they can still interact with those inside the building.

Driver Access Cage

RackBack® Safety Panels

Wire mesh is durable. RackBack® Safety Panels are proof of that. Just walk into any warehouse. You see pallet racking stocked with different types of materials. To get the materials on these pallet racks, forklifts are used. To keep these forklifts from pushing things too far back on the racking, install RackBack® Safety Panels. This prevents items from falling onto the workers, or wandering visitors (if there’s no Driver Cage).

WireCrafters RackBack Safety Panels Wire Partition Examples

Machine Guarding

Finally, wire partitions make it possible to build proper machine guarding. Again, we go back to mesh being durable. When building them around machines and robots, this is important. A wire mesh panel holds up a lot better against moving machinery than a person. But, to maintain access to the machines, install a door with an interlock that shuts the machine down when it is opened.

Above, there are three safety uses for wire partitions. Another priority of businesses is to keep inventory secure. Wire partition is the perfect solution for this. Three security products built using wire partitions are Document Storage Cages, Server Cages, and Storage Lockers. Let’s start with document storage.

WireCrafters Machine Guarding

Document Storage

Now, inside of the WireCrafters facility, there is a large cage system just down from the sales office. Multiple episodes of Mondays With Milt show off this cage. If you have ever been on a tour of the facility, you have seen it in person. This cage system stores hundreds of boxes with documents in them. Because of the wire design, you see through the cage, but you cannot access any of the documents unless you have the code to enter through the door. 

wirecrafters document storage cage Wire Partition Examples

Server Cages

One benefit that people don’t always realize about wire partition is the fact that the mesh design allows airflow. This sounds like it may be a security risk, but there are tighter mesh options available. We use these tighter mesh options quite a bit when designing a server cage. A tighter mesh allows the air to flow, making sure the computer servers do not overheat. However, no one can fit their fingers or flash drives through the mesh, keeping all the data on the servers secure. 

WireCrafters Server Cage Wire Partition Examples

Tenant and Military Storage Lockers as Wire Partition Examples

So, there are multiple types of storage lockers that can be built using wire partitions. This shows the great versatility of the product. The most popular type of storage locker made with wire partitions is tenant storage lockers. These can be found in apartment buildings and condominiums. Single-tier or double tier are the options. Even though you can see through the partitions, you can be sure that the items inside are secure. Put a padlock on the door and no one gets into the locker except for you. However, the wire partition can be substituted with solid sheet metal partitions if you would like. 

Another common storage locker is the Military Storage Locker. This type can be found on military bases around the world. Similar to the Document Storage Cage, it has also been featured on multiple episodes of Mondays With Milt. To see the other types of lockers that can be built using wire partitions, check the products page of the WireCrafters website.  

tenant storage lockers

Tenant Storage Lockers

WireCrafters Military Storage Lockers Wire Partition Examples

Military Storage Lockers

Conclusion Wire Partition Examples

These are just some of the products built using wire partitions. You can get creative when building a cage system. If you need of an oddly shaped cage, it can be built. If it needs to be a custom color, it can be done. Even though WireCrafters offers specific products for wire partitions, the possibilities for the product are endless. I hope these examples above have given you a better understanding of how to use wire partition.

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